Choose Glass Week – Episode 1

This week is Choose Glass Week!  Spearheaded by Consol, take a gander at their site over here

Todays subject is Glass is infinitely recyclable.

Did you know that it takes about 1.2 tons of virgin batch material to manufacture 1 ton of glass?  Also, did you know that it takes less energy and resources to recycle glass?  In fact it takes 1 ton of cullet (recycled glass) to make 1 ton of new glass!  Glass can also be recycled many many many many (you get my drift right?) times.

Basically recycling glass just makes sense!

But wait, there’s more!

Glass can also be up-cycled, not just recycled.

Take a look at these awesome ideas for re-using glass products you all have at home already…

Make a photo frame:

Keep all those baby food, peanut butter and jam jars, print out photos, cut to size and curve into the jars, arrange them on a table or your mantle and enjoy!

Keep your craft string neat and tidy:

Clean the labels off jam jars (with metal lids), take a nail and place it in the centre of the lid, tap it into the lid with a hammer so the sharp bits are inside the jar, place your ball of string in the jar and thread the end through the lid, screw the lid on and there you go!


Make bulb planters:

You can paint the inside of the jars or leave them clear.  Fill with a little potting soil, add a bulb, top with some more soil, water and pop them on a sunny window sill and watch them grow and flower.





If you have any broken plates or glasses you dont have to chuck them in the bin.  Being very careful not to cut yourself on any sharp edges you can glue the pieces to a ceramic bowl or even to a wooden frame, grout the spaces in between the glass pieces and you have an instant and unique masterpiece.

Of course if you dont want to up-cycle you can recycle either directly with Consol or at The Glass Recycling Company.

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