If you havent yet, go and read this post about Faith, breastfeeding and biting…

After getting advice from all the wonderful mommies on twitter and that read my blog as well as IRL friends and of course my mommy I decided that we would try formula.

I know that ‘breast is best’ and that since we were doing so well we should probably continue but the truth is I have been saying for a while now that Im looking forward to stopping.  Also, once the biting started, I found myself actually dreading feeding time.  I was very hesitant to put my boobs anywhere near Faith’s mouth and that was effecting my enjoyment of feeding Faith.

Yesterday I gave Faith a bottle at lunch time.  She cried for all of 2 seconds before tasting the milk and then quite happily drinking 150ml.  I gave her another bottle at bed time and she was quite happy with that too.  She woke up twice last night, first time I just gave her the dummy, the second time I made her a bottle and she drank half of it before falling asleep again.  She woke up at 7 this morning and had another small bottle.

I call that a success.  She is happy and getting a nutritious bottle and Im not afraid of having my nipples bit off!

The big thing at the moment is that my boobs hurt!  Actually only the right boob hurts.  Anyone know how long it will take for my boobs to stop producing milk, or at least stop hurting??

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  1. Well done guys!
    I would definitely say your attempt at stopping is on the road to success, no doubt 🙂

    When I stopped I would express once or twice a day and just throw it out until my milk supply slowly but surely stopped altogether. It took about 2 weeks.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Ive decided to express a little whenever it gets too sore, seems to be helping and they feel a little better today 🙂
      Hopefully it doesnt take too long 🙂

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