Children. Or are they?

Sometimes I think my dogs are more childish than my actual children.

For example…

Stuart sleeps on my bed, at the bottom on my feet on top of my duvet but underneath his own blanket.  Bandit and Salami sleep under a duvet on two huge doggy pillows on the floor at the foot of our bed.  (Yes, I know, you want to be a dog in my house!)

So, pretty much every night, I have to lift the duvet for Bandit to crawl into bed.  And pretty much every night, I have to pick Stuart up off Bandits bed and put him onto my bed, so that Bandit can get into his bed.  Stuart NEVER sleeps on the floor.  Ever.  He always sleeps on my bed.  He sits on Bandits bed just to piss him off.  The damn dog does it on purpose.  And Bandit always comes running to tattle instead of just growling or forcing Stuart off his bed.

I mean really! Children much!?

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  1. I know exactly the feeling! Our dachsies are exactly the same – more spoilt than some people 🙂

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