Skin – two months (and a bit) down the line

Day: 72

Dosage: 30mg per day

Skin issues: My skin is still slightly red and a little bit swollen on the sides of my nose, I’m not sure if its a remnant of the cyst or if its some scaring under the skin but I’m not too worried.

Side effects: My lips are very very dry, and in fact, I woke up the other morning with blood on my pillow from my lips.  I am using Lansinoh (a pure lanolin nipple balm for breastfeeding moms) at night since it is so thick and lasts the whole night. During the day I use LipIce Med+ or whatever I can lay my hands on.

My skin is very dry, especially my arms and I am bathing myself in body lotions.

Improvement: Touch wood, spit on the ground, cross all my bits, I haven’t had any new cysts!!

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    1. I’m on a 4 month course at the moment. Not sure if they will extend the course after 4 months but the effects should be permanent. Some people have to do a 2nd course though.

  1. Ouch hun, it looks really eina. Another friend of mine has just started the course and she says her face is so dry, apparently its going to peel at some stage:(I do believe that the treatment works 100%.

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