…Aaron has it.

Both my mom and I have been saying for ages that we think know Aaron has asthma.

My brother Matt has asthma, in fact he has severe asthma and my mom is pretty much an expert.

We knew.

The doctors, not so much.

They kept diagnosing him with upper respiratory infections.

A few weeks ago Aaron started coughing so badly that he would eventually vomit.  After almost a week of this we had an appointment to see a paediatric pulminlogist.  I was very sick that day so my amazing mom took Aaron.  Probably a good thing as the doctor knows her and my brother, he treated him as a child and my mom is quite, insistent when she wants something done, namely a proper diagnosis.

The bottom line is that Aaron has asthma.  He went on to a hectic week long medicine schedule that included 12mg a day of cortisone.  He is now stable and on a daily dose of asthma meds that keeps his coughing under control.

He is like a different child.

Also, my 4 year old (almost 5!!) can do the asthma spray all by himself.  And he reminds me if I havent given it to him.  Im so proud of my big boy.

Photo by Paul Jacobson

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  1. Do yourself a favour, and get a humidifier for his room. It makes the world of difference to both my daughter and myself, especially during the dry Jozi winter months.

  2. Shame man, that sucks! At least now he’ll get proper treatment though… He is getting so big, really a beautiful boy 🙂

  3. Glas you got it properly diagnosed. You may remember the tough times we had with C and his asthma but he seems to be outgrowing it as predicted. Our first winter without Singulair and he uses his pump less and less. Imguess we are lucky. Does the doc think he might outgrow it? And is he on Singulair?

  4. Glad you finally have confirmation so that he can get the treatment that he needs. As predicted, Child2 appears to be outgrowing his. We have basically gone through the entire winter without having to nebulise or pump. I am sure you know that swimming is awesome for kids with Asthma?

    ps…You Mommy is awesome and sounds exactly like mine. They are VERY firm with the Drs and don’t take NO for an answer.

  5. What a relief when you finally manage to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
    If you want I can mail you one of those Kitz Air purifiers from here? I swear by mine!

  6. I’m asthmatic too!
    And just a note on Vanessa’s comment, I can’t handle humidifiers and a steam room or sauna (or those steamers beauticians use) has me wheezing almost instantly! KZN in summer!? Forget it! Bronchitis and/ or pneumonia every time!
    I also can’t drink Oros in any form… or several of the fruit juices on the market for that matter, its one of the preservatives in the juice that gets my lungs irritated.
    I am so glad for you that you found the right treatment for Aaron! I have my dose of Inflammide twice a day and if I don’t get around to filling my scrip and I don’t take it I know all about it!
    Ooh, I’m curious (as it took me forever to find out about it), did the doctors suggest to you to rinse Aaron’s mouth after using his asthma treatment? Its apparently very bad for your teeth and I have ridiculously discoloured, brittle and sensitive teeth now! I am sure had they warned me to rinse my mouth as a child I wouldn’t battle half as much with my teeth now!

    1. Its more the cold that effects him. He definitely coughs more as the temp drops…

      We havent started eliminating things from his diet yet. The meds seem to have things under control. I am trying to avoid things like Sparletta and Creme Soda with him but sheesh, 4 year old and stubborn go hand in hand 🙂

  7. Both my sisters are asthmatic, I think Callie might be too.
    I saw a very interesting article on a Russian breathing technique for helping kids with asthma do you want me to see what it was. The results looks good and I spoke to my ever skeptical Dr Dad and even he knew about it.

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