Oops! I did it again *sigh*

So about a month ago I made the invitation for Faiths bday party (this year she is only having a school party) but I kept forgetting to take the invite to school to be handed out.

Until yesterday. Yesterday I took the invite to school, it was handed out when the kids were fetched.

This morning we get to school and the teacher says to me “You know Faiths party is on Monday?”

“Um, yes…” I say, wondering were this is heading.

“The 3rd?” she says, eyebrow raised.

“Okaaaaayyyyyy…” Now I have a slight sinking feeling in my tummy.

“Because you put the 5th on the invite and that’s Wednesday and we are closed on the 5th…”

*sigh* So now I have made little notes that will be going home with the kids to say that its actually on the 3rd…

I really really need a holiday!

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