Movember or My Brother Looks Like a Traffic Cop

So Matt decided to grow a mo this year for Movember.

Those of you that know my brother know that he permanently has a beard.  This is the first time he has been clean shaven in almost 7 years (last time was for my wedding).  In the last month he has attempted to grow his mo and now looks like:

A. A traffic cop circa 1980

B. A peodophile

C. He drank chocolate milk and forgot to wipe his mouth

D. All of the above

Please dont let the horror of my brothers facial hair be for nothing!

Donate ($10 is only about R80!) on his MoBro page (here) and help in the fight against cancer!

Oh and as a bonus, just cause I know you all went and donated here is a pic of Matt dressed as a fairy!

Go on, go donate to a good cause!

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