Your favourite things – Faith

TV programme:  Superman.  Anything Superman, cartoon, live action doesnt matter as long as the Man of Steel is in it.
iPhone App:  You love taking pictures with my iPhone.  ‘Say cheese’ is your catch phrase.
Meal:  You eat pretty much anything we eat although you are not too keen on pizza, you prefer spaghetti and meatballs.
Fruit:  Bananas and apples and grapes.
Vegetable:  Carrots.
Breakfast:  Coco Pops.
Drink:  Cream Soda.
Toy:  Lego, lightsabers and your dolly.
You love:  Your brother, animals, school, and cuddling with mom.

Something that happened yesterday:
I wasn’t home most of yesterday so I will tell you something that happened this morning.  You were brushing your teeth and you turned on the tap to rinse and couldnt turn it off.  You came running into the dining room calling for Aaron to help you.  Once he had you smiled at him and said ‘Hank you Aaaaron’.

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  1. Gina, she looks so much like you.
    I think that it’s so adorable that she went to her big brother for help. She reminds me of my own daughter which also ask her brother for help in situations like these. And boy, do big brother feel so chuffed with himself 🙂

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