Project: Get Fit – May

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I really need to update more.

I have been gyming more so thats a good thing.  I have been doing lots of Pilates and Zumba and Killer Abs.

Pilates is good, my core is definitely stronger than its been in a long long time.  I also like that its quite and calm, Ingred from Balfour Park is an awesome instructor.

Zumba is fun!  Especially since I do it with my mommy on a Sunday morning.  Its a great motivation to get out of bed knowing that I get to share some fun quality time with my mom.  The cup of coffee together afterwards is also great ;)

Killer Abs is, well, killer! Its definitely a help having someone standing over me pushing me to keep going.  Those are the most hectic 25 minutes of gym ever.  I never sweat quite as much as I do during a Killer Abs class.

Last night I did a baseline fitness test, I need to keep training to improve on my times but these are my results from last night:

  • 3km run – 20m16s
  • Pull ups – 1
  • Sit ups (1 minute) – 28
  • Push ups (1 minute) – 13
  • 400m sprint – 1m57s

Any advice on what to do to better those stats would be greatly appreciated!

Here are my stats as of 13 May 2013:

  • Weight:                   51 kg (down 1.2 kg from last measurements)
  • Body fat:                 27.9 % (down 0.6 %)
  • Blood Pressure:   94/57 mmHg
  • Heart Rate:            100 bpm (ummm, I must have been excited about something!)
  • Tummy:                  78cm (down 2 cm)
  • Thigh:                     55.5 cm (down 0.5 cm)
  • Arm:                        27 cm (down 1 cm)

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  1. I so want to get active and fit but I just can’t motivate myself when there’s no-one in it with me. I also have no idea where to begin…

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