How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Its an old joke but so true.  How does one do the very best they can in something?  They practice.  Or rehearse.

Yesterday was the very first rehearsal for #StarlightExpressSA and I was so privileged to be there to witness it.

The entire cast and crew was there.

Bernard Jay, CEO of the Joburg Theatre and producer gave a welcome speech that left me teary and smiling.  Bernard is definitely the father figure to the cast and crew, watching his face as he officially opened the rehearsals, you could see his pride and utter belief in the cast.

Where Bernard is the father, Janice Honeyman must be the mother figure.  She gave the cast and crew her vision for this production and you could feel the excitement build, you could see the smiles and nods from the cast as they listened.

This is definitely a family.  And when everyone introduced themselves, we, as the social media team were included in that family.

iphone pics 569

The very first read through of the script left me with goosebumps.  The youngest cast members are 10 years old, they share the role of Control and will perform 4 performances each per week.  They absolutely blew us all away and received a huge round of applause from the cast and crew after their first lines.

Having been witness to the talent and dedication at the first rehearsal I just know this production is going to blow your socks off when you see it.

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