Project: Get Fit – June

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So, I have joined a fitness group outside of gym, we meet 2 or 3 times a week.

Last night we did a 3 km run in about 28 minutes. 8 minutes longer than the last 3 km.  To be fair though, we ran as a group (so our pace was an average of the group) and we stopped four times in order to drop and do 25 sit ups PUSH-UPS, I meant push ups.  Half way through we also did a piggyback carry for one block – I didn’t carry anyone as I was the only girl and the guys outweighed me by a fair chunk.  That being said I was in high demand to be the piggyback-ee 😉

This morning we met at 5:30.  AM!!  I will state here and now that I am NOT a morning person!  I usually gym in the afternoons with the exception being a weekend, but then its not before 9:30.

This morning we did a 2 km run of which I managed 1 km.

Then we did chin ups, I managed 5! That’s 4 more than the first time I did chin ups.  The difference this time was that my hands were facing me on the bar.  I think that made it easier.

Then we did push ups with a medicine ball across the mat and then leopard crawled the ball back to the start.

We followed that with a little {Krav Maga} body conditioning.  This is where I learned something new this morning.  In Krav Maga, body conditioning is NOTHING like {Pilates}.  It involves being punched (not so gently) in the abdomen.  Ouch!

We followed that up with sparring.  Sparring is easy.  When you are not wearing protective headgear, body padding, groin protection and gloves.  With all that extra weight and padding, sparring gets a little harder.  My arms are now like jelly.

All in all I am super proud of myself.  I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus but I also feel good, like I have accomplished something and I am really motivated for our next session!


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