What to pack for an overseas trip?

In less than 2 months the kids and I will be jetting off to Israel for my brothers wedding.

What the hell do I pack?

For me? For the kids?

Thank heavens the kids each get a full 20kg luggage allowance but still… what the hell do I take with?

The weather will still be pretty warm (end of Summer beginning of Autumn), so at least the clothes will mostly be light weight.  Im more concerned with toys/fluffy bed companions for the kids.

Also, carry on luggage for the kids.  How much stuff do they need on the plane?

I am taking the kids iPad and my iPad mini (which I am getting on the weekend).  I dont know wether to take the LeapPad.  I will also take some paper and crayons but what else?

Who has been on a long haul flight, with a 3/4 hour layover?  Help me out here.  What did you take with for your kids?

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  1. I always take the things you have listed here but it seems that my children always prefer to just chat to me and hubby on the flight or look out the window for hours on end. But I will say that the stuff you are planning to take along for them to keep busy, is good enough. Oh, and maybe a book to read stories out to them.

  2. Don’t forget to take something for you too sleep too! If they become a nightmare, you’ll want to have a few sleeping pills and a small bottle of vodka to knock them back with. 🙂

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