I do a review and you get to win!

A little while ago I got an email from Lori at {FLD Products}.  She wanted to introduce me to their product range and to see if we could collaborate.

What struck me first about them is that instead of just sending me a press release they asked to meet me in person, which made me very keen to meet with them.

So on Monday I met up with Lori and her co-founder Jonathan and they took me through the range and explained how they came to be, how they work, the manufacturing process, basically all about these nifty bags and sleeves.

I mentioned that I was getting the new iPad Mini to take with me to Israel and they offered me a beautiful pink sleeve, its the newest item in their product range and not only does it fit the iPad Mini but it also fits the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Google Nexus 7.


Its one of the things I love about the range, its versatile! My mom, who has the Samsung, was eyeing out my cover yesterday for her device.  Good thing its her birthday next month 😉

The other thing I love about the sleeve is the material.  Its padded quite thickly but light.  Thick enough to protect my iPad (I’m a terrible klutz when it comes to dropping my devices) but light enough to not add any significant weight to the device when its in my hand bag.

I also love the fact the inside is made of a micro fibre that cleans the device as you insert or extract it and also protects from scratches.


The only downside I have, is that once I remove the device its unprotected (remember my klutz tendencies) and Im not sure that the sleeve is big enough to fit the device if it has a protective case on it.

Both the sleeves and the bags have extra pockets and spaces to keep, phones, cables, mice, pens and anything else you might need with you.

Overall I love the sleeve and Im keen on getting a laptop bag too for my Air, as soon as I am back from Israel.

So now comes the part where you can win!

Take a look at the FLD Products {web page} then follow the prompts below in the Rafflecopter widget.

The competition closes at midnight on 31 July 2013 and I will notify the winner by email and on the blog.  FLD Products will deliver the prize directly to the winner. Competition only open to those living in South Africa.



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  1. I would LOVE a tablet Carry bag for Onion 🙂
    Onion is a Samsung Note 10.1 and her favourite colour is PINK!! <<– Mine too!!!

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