A meme? Why not?

Found this on Angel’s {blog} who found it on Tanya’s {blog} 🙂

1. Been pulled over?   Once but I wasn’t driving

2. Plucked your eyebrows?   All the time, between waxing

3. Pulled an all-nighter?   Yup

4. Baked a cake?  Many, I love baking

5. Fallen down in public?   That would be affirmative, I’m a bit of a klutz

6. Been caught making out?   Oh yes, on the roof parking of a mall, in the back seat of my car o_O

7. Taken a pregnancy test?   Many

8. Broken a bone?   My nose and my toes

9. Had braces?   yes, I had horrible teeth as a kid

10. Gone skinny dipping?   yes

11. Made a prank call?   yes, when I was a kid.  Is your refrigerator running?

12. Screamed during a scary movie?   Nope.

13. Gone out without underwear?   No, I dont see the appeal

(Angel, Im falling over laughing) Heeeyyy!! What happened to #14…?

15. Opened Christmas presents early?   Dont celebrate Christmas but if I did I would open early, I have no patience

16. Been in the hospital?  yup, mostly as a kid, teeth out, nose fixed, adanoids, holes in my eardrums fixed, birth of my kids

17. Had food come out your nose?   No

18. Toilet papered someone’s house?   Nope.

19. Laughed so hard you cried?   yes

20. Burned yourself with a curling iron?   many many times. Klutz remember?

(Tee hee) No #21…?

22. Eaten food that fell on the floor?   I have kids, so yes…

(Snort) And no #23!??!

24. Shared a sucker with your dog?   No, but my kids have…

25. Been in an accident?   Klutz!!!!

26. Spied on your neighbours?   No, my neighbours are so loud we don’t need to spy on them

27. Lied about your age?   Nope.

28. Fired a gun?   Yes

29. Been drunk?   Yes.

30. Gotten a tattoo?   4!

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