Photos everywhere!

You may recall {this post} from 3 years ago (Im also sure there was a follow up post with an updated picture from about a year ago,  but I cant find it).

Well, a while back I attended a photo workshop with {Epson} and {Jenty}.  After the workshop I was given the opportunity to play with the Epson {L800 photo printer} for 2 weeks.  Well, I had a ball, I printed so many photos and today I bought some frames and Paul got all handy and hammered in some nails and now we have an even bigger photo wall!




Thank you Epson for adding to my wall.  The printer was amazing, better than a photo print shop!! Im just sorry I had to give it back 😉

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  1. I love the photo wall! I had all my photos hanging on the wall up our staircase in the old house. They’re all still in boxes now.

  2. Hi there, I found your page googling for info about the Epson L800. How are the photos your printed with it and framed holding up in terms of colour? Are they still vibrant as before or have they faded or started to fade? Thanks for any input! I am really interested to know how good this printer is for printing photos for framing and mounting on a wall.

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