Today I really really felt short

I was surrounded by gorgeous, tall, leggy and utterly delightful models!

I was invited to attend a media launch for {#Veet} today.

It was held at the magnificent {Life Day Spa} in Fourways (I had to leave before I could have my treatment but let me tell you I will be going back there, it looked amazing!)

We were introduced to the Veet brand by Bevan Lewis, Marketing Manager at Reckitt Benckiser.  He told us a few facts about Veet.

  • They have been around for over 80 (!) years
  • Over 30 million women (and men) across the world use Veet products
  • Veet is the number ONE brand in hair removal!

Then he introduced us to the new brand ambassador – Melinda Bam!


The gorgeous Melinda even makes an iPhone pic look professional!!
The gorgeous Melinda even makes an iPhone pic look professional!!

He also introduced Veet’s newest campaign – {Veet Beauty Secrets}

We listened to an informal discussion, about their very own beauty secrets, between {Leigh Toselli}, {Melinda Bam}, {Cindy Nell} (the outgoing ambassador) and the delightful {Poppy Ntshongwana}.

Check out the Beauty Secrets website for beauty tips and tricks as well as to enter the Miss Veet SA competition too.

I totally enjoyed the morning and will definitely be using the yummy smelling Veet Shower Cream very soon!

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