#YouthXTend – One week to more beautiful, youthful skin.

I attended the {Amway} Artistry launch of their new anti-ageing skin care range, {YouthXTend} last week.

I have to say, I didnt even know Amway had a makeup/skin care range until {FleishmanHillard} sent me a gorgeous lip gloss for mothers day.

I now have 2 lip glosses and a gorgeous red lipstick from the {Artistry range}.

Pretty red lips
Pretty red lips

And I was also totally spoiled with the Artistry YouthXTend Power System (Serum, Night cream, Day cream and Eye cream) at the launch.

Power System
Power System

So I decided to put it to the test.  I asked Paul to take a good look at my face, the skin on my cheeks, T-zone and under my eyes.  I asked him to feel each of these areas and to give me his honest opinion (I gave him a free pass, he could be as honest as he wanted and I wont hold it against him).


Night 1:

Before using the products

Paul: Skin feels and looks ‘normal’, no noticeable issues.

Gina: I feel like my skin is ok, slightly dry.  Skin under my eyes is ‘fragile’.

After using the products

Paul: Feels like I put cream on (typical man)

Gina: Skin feels soft, Serum absorbed quickly. You really only need one little squirt, the product will last a long time!  The night cream didnt absorb as quickly and I could have used a bit less but it is soft and smells divine. I used a tiny spot of eye cream.  It absorbed quickly and wasnt greasy at all, which I feared.


Serum Concentrate
Serum Concentrate


Day 3:

Paul: ‘It feels soft, but it felt soft to start with’ – On touching my face. Im beginning to think asking a man to take part in this experiment wanst such a hot idea.

Gina: I looked in the mirror this morning, specifically at the lines around my eyes and guess what?  They look like they are disappearing! Honestly.  My crows feet are one of three areas on my face that show definite signs of ageing.  The other two are my forehead (I once asked Aaron to wash his forehead, he asked me what that was, I pointed at his head, he then looked at me, pointed at my forehead and said, ‘oh, the wavy lines’…) and my dimples.  So, I was looking at my crows feet and its totally noticeable that they are not as deep as before.  Yay!!!!

Eye cream
Eye cream


Night 7:

Paul: I’ve given up asking him!

Gina: My skin is soft and smooth.  I’ve had no adverse reaction at all to any of the products.  I really love the Power System and the Youth XTend range.  The creams are light, absorb easily and smell divine.  The Serum is magnificent and all of the products will last me for ages, you really only need a small drop of each.

Yummy Day Cream with an SPF of 15!
Yummy Day Cream with an SPF of 15!

My verdict: Go get yourself the Power System.  Im decanting small portions of each product to take with me to Israel next week. No way am I going two weeks without my Youth XTend.

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