What I Wore Today or WIWT

A dress. Kitten heel shoes. Mascara. I also had my hair cut yesterday so it looks all sleek and magazine perfect.

This dress from the TWO summer 2012 collection
This dress from the {TWO} summer 2012 collection


These shoes from Mr Price
These shoes from Mr Price


This hair and mascara
This hair and mascara



I cannot get over how many people have commented today.  Comments ranged from ‘You look fantastic!’ to ‘Ooohh hot date?’ to ‘But you only wear jeans?!’

I guess I have been in a bit of a rut.  But jeans are comfy and I can dress them up for work with smart and pretty tops.  Also, I don’t like wearing heels, I have terrible balance as it is so adding heels into the mix is a disaster waiting to happen!  As for make up and hair, I very seldom wear make up, my skin doesn’t handle it well and its a mission, same with hair, it takes so bloody long to make it look decent I usually just let it dry on its own and then tie it up.


I am going to try wearing dresses and skirts more often during the work week.

I am going to make an effort to at least wear my small kitten heels when I do wear dresses and skirts.

Mascara doesnt take that long to put on, so I will make an effort to wear it more often (and wash it off at night!)

As for my hair, the very talented {Beauty} at {Tanaz}, cut and styled my hair yesterday, she also thinned it out quite a bit and that should make it easier for me to dry and straighten it myself, so I will attempt to make my hair look nice and not tie it up as often as before.


6 Replies to “What I Wore Today or WIWT”

  1. Love the look, Gina – especially those SHOES!
    It’s good to make a bit of effort with your appearance – I should probably do it a bit more often too. But I pretty much also live in jeans – they’re easy and comfy and kind of all that I’ve got. Maybe I’ll remedy that this year.

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! I’m in a total mommy rut because I had nowhere to go. But now that I’ll be starting my degree, I realize that I have nothing nice to wear! All t-shirts and jeans. I did get a new hair straightener, so I hope I can at least do my hair a few times a week!

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