I got cat called. And I liked it!

How very un-PC. How very non-feminist of me.

Let me explain.

My husband is attracted to me, he thinks I’m beautiful no matter what. He even finds me sexy when I’m stark naked with no makeup or sexy underthings to enhance what I have. I’m comfortable in my own skin. Wrinkles, jiggles, dimples and all. If I was presented with the Dove doors I would choose beautiful, any day!

My usual work wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts, takkies (trainers) or slops and a hoodie if its cold.  My hair is usually in a pony or up in a bun and the most makeup I wear is mascara and usually I don’t even wear that.

Its comfortable and I’m all about comfort especially at work. I mean, I’m there for 9 hours a day!

Today I decided to jazz it up a bit.  I’m still wearing my jeans but today I’m wearing a fancy pinstripe sleeveless shirt and a pair of black kitten heals. My hair is still up in a bun but I’m wearing make up today, BB cream (yes, I’m late to the party) and mascara. I’m even wearing perfume. I left the house today feeling really happy about myself with an extra spring in my step.


The cat call happened when I was waiting to cross the street. I guy drove past and whistled and shouted good morning. He couldn’t tell I was wearing fancy clothes or make up (I was wearing my sunglasses) and definitely not the perfume. What he could tell is that I felt extra good about myself. I felt feminine and strong and gorgeous and confident.

When he whistled at me it made me smile. In fact it made me laugh out loud. I felt good. I felt beautiful. I felt stronger and more empowered as a women.

Not very PC of me but there you have it. I got cat called and I liked it!

What I Wore Today or WIWT

A dress. Kitten heel shoes. Mascara. I also had my hair cut yesterday so it looks all sleek and magazine perfect.

This dress from the TWO summer 2012 collection
This dress from the {TWO} summer 2012 collection


These shoes from Mr Price
These shoes from Mr Price


This hair and mascara
This hair and mascara



I cannot get over how many people have commented today.  Comments ranged from ‘You look fantastic!’ to ‘Ooohh hot date?’ to ‘But you only wear jeans?!’

I guess I have been in a bit of a rut.  But jeans are comfy and I can dress them up for work with smart and pretty tops.  Also, I don’t like wearing heels, I have terrible balance as it is so adding heels into the mix is a disaster waiting to happen!  As for make up and hair, I very seldom wear make up, my skin doesn’t handle it well and its a mission, same with hair, it takes so bloody long to make it look decent I usually just let it dry on its own and then tie it up.


I am going to try wearing dresses and skirts more often during the work week.

I am going to make an effort to at least wear my small kitten heels when I do wear dresses and skirts.

Mascara doesnt take that long to put on, so I will make an effort to wear it more often (and wash it off at night!)

As for my hair, the very talented {Beauty} at {Tanaz}, cut and styled my hair yesterday, she also thinned it out quite a bit and that should make it easier for me to dry and straighten it myself, so I will attempt to make my hair look nice and not tie it up as often as before.


I wore makeup and I liked it

So I mentioned here why I never wear makeup and then I mentioned here that I have worn makeup now and that my skin didnt freak out about it 🙂

Most of the makeup and creams I have used have come from samples that I got from GlossyBox and RubyBox , the exception being the mascara that I have had for ages and ages (because I never wear makeup I actually dont own any except the mascara).

So here goes…

Foundation – NYX

Sorry for the bad pic

The colour is a lot darker than it looks but its for night time it looked ok 🙂

 Eye Shadow – Eye Majic

This is the colour I used. Not my choice, will get more neutral colours next time 🙂

I never really buy eye shadow because I never use it and when I do buy it turns crumbly and yucky with age.  I got the Eye Majic in my GlossyBox months ago and I will most definitely be buying more!  Soooo easy to use.  The colour I got as a sample was not so great but they have a huge range 🙂

Eyeliner – Beauté

‘Scuse the bad photo!


I never really use eyeliner but thought what the hey, might as well 🙂

Mascara – Clinique

Love this mascara 🙂

Now for cleansing and moisturising…

Cleansing – Africology

Love the tingly feeling, I use this every night

Moisturising – Anesi

Let me just say that I dont care how expensive this might be, but when my little sample runs out I am buying this.  Smells divine and absorbs with no greasiness and best of all my skin has no adverse reaction to it!

So thats it, the products I have started using.