Why we are not taking our dogs to Israel

Its heartbreaking.  They are our babies.  They have been with us for 9 years.

There are many reasons we are going to Israel.  Its our home.  The children will have an amazing life there, freedom like we had when we were children.  I have family there.  There are a few reasons that are private.

Even though the life we will have in Israel is better for us and for our children, it will not be better for our dogs.

Right now, we live in an average size, three bedroom house with a medium size garden.  Our front gate has a panel cut out and the dogs can run between the inside and the outside at their leisure.  They are also hardly ever alone, as our housekeeper is there during the day when we are at work and the kids are at school.

In Israel we will be living in a 2 bedroom flat/apartment, on the 2nd floor with no garden.  There will be no housekeeper.  Both Paul and I will be working full time (working hours are very different there too) and the children will be at school for most of the day.

How can I leave three active dogs locked up in an apartment all day?  If I was guaranteed a work from home job then maybe it could work.  I could take them out three or four times a day to run and play and do their business.  But that is not a guarantee.

This is a decision that was not made lightly.  We love our babies.  They are such special animals.  They are definitely not replaceable objects like a fridge or a bed.

They are living, breathing, creatures and THAT is why we made the decision not to take them with us.  They deserve better.  They deserve a home with a garden to run in and to be around people during the day.  They deserve to keep the freedom they have always known, they deserve to be pampered all day and have someone to play with them.  They deserve to be able to lie in the sun on their favourite patch of sand or come inside and climb on the couch and veg.

Do I feel like an awful mommy for not taking them with us? YES! Am I going to cry and sob like a baby when its time to give them to their new mommy and daddy. YES! Do I feel like I am doing the right thing for them? Absolutely!

I contacted {Dachshund Rescue South Africa} and the wonderful ladies there are helping us to find my babies a new home.  They have been amazing.  No judgement at all, just a solid presence helping us find them a new home.


If you know of anyone who would be able to give our babies a loving, comfortable forever home, or can help out any of the other precious babies looking for homes, please contact Sanmarie on sanmariejacobz1@gmail.com.  You can also volunteer to be a foster parent while forever homes are being found for all these babies.  Alternatively you can make a donation to DRSA (registered non-profit):

Dachshund Rescue South Africa
FNB Clearwater 
Account 62418285757
Branch code: 251141

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  1. Your poor heart. You are doing the best thing for your babies hun even though it feels horrendous. I hope they find a wonderful family with little children who will love and cuddle with them all day long xxx

  2. So sorry that you cant take them with you, i will share and share again so they can find a loving home. And i hope you will be happy and thans for sharing with us

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