#LoveChange and a chance to WIN!

*Please note this is a sponsored post.  The story is my own.

The {Change Exchange} is an initiative of {BrightRock} Life Insurance.  A collection of YOUR stories about the big changes that take place in your life.  What are those changes? How to deal with them. How to make the most out of them.

As you know, we are going through a HUGE change at the moment.  Moving to a whole new country is perhaps one of the biggest changes you can make.

From {selling our house} to deciding what to take with us to making the decision to find a new home for our fur-babies. Change, change, change.

The one thing I haven’t spoken about yet is the fact that we will be leaving both our moms behind.

Both our moms are very supportive of our move.  They know we are doing what is best for our family.  They are both heartbroken that we are leaving.  Thank heavens for social media, for Skype, for Whatsapp and for the fact that at worst, Israel is only an hour ahead of South Africa.

My kids are sad to be leaving their Bobba and Nana behind but are excited to see them on Skype and are already making plans for them to come and visit us (I have been informed that we need to buy a pull out bed/couch for them).

I am going to miss them very much.  Im going to miss the support that they give us, taking the kids for an hour or two on the weekend so I can shop in peace or having them overnight so Paul and I can have some time to ourselves.  At least I will still be able to speak to them every day and send messages all day too.  Hopefully we can convince them to come to Israel when they retire 😉

I want to tag {Fawn} from {Deer Delights} to share her #LoveChange story.  If you dont know, I met Fawn at her #ChariTea event on Woman’s Day.  The event was in aid of {The South African Organ Donor Foundation}, a charity very close to Fawn’s heart (or lungs as the case may be), as she is an organ donor recipient!

Now comes the chance for you to win!  BrightRock are looking for YOUR #LoveChange story.

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Are you a budding writer? Then #LoveChange and win!

Share your story about your experiences with one of Life’s biggest Change Moments – whether its Landing that Job, Tying the Knot, Starting a Family or Making a Home – and you could win R2 000.00 in cash and a chance to become a regular contributor on BrightRock’s exciting {Change Exchange}.  Its an asking, learning, sharing, changing space – packed with tips and tools to help people live through, and even love, life’s greatest Change Moments.

Here’s how to win:

Submit your #LoveChange story (no more than 650 words) via the {‘Your Story’ tab}.  Feel free to upload a picture with your story, or upload a link to Instagram or YouTube.  You’ll find all the competition rules on the Change Exchange site.

#LoveChange entries close 31 October 2014. T’s & C’s apply.

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