Three weeks to go…

Three weeks.  Thats all the time we have left here before we start our new adventure.

The house is packed and the boxes have been taken to the container.  The keys have been handed over to the new owners.

Im officially on leave until month end and then I am unemployed (first time since I was 16!!).

We sold my little Tazz a few weeks ago and now that my mom is back from Israel she is using her car so I am carless too.  In the afternoons I can use her car if she doesn’t have anywhere to be.

I feel the need to be doing something.  Lazing around at home is so alien to me.  Especially since everyone else in the house is either at school or working.  So strange.

Paul is working from his office until the end of the week and then he will be working from ‘home’.

The kids have two weeks left of school and then a week of holiday school.

Extra murals are all winding down.

Aaron has been sick and is on antibiotics at the moment.  I really hope he is feeling better soon.

Faith is very clingy and wont let me even go upstairs without her.  A smidge of separation anxiety which is completely normal.  She never got chicken pox and according to the GP if she doesn’t have it by now the chances of her getting it are slim.

20 more sleeps!!

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