3 more sleeps…

3 more sleeps until we are on the plane and 4 more sleeps until we are Israeli citizens.

Its gone so fast.  It feels like yesterday we were counting down months instead of weeks and days!

One of the things I haven’t spoken about is friends.

Friends are the family we choose and leaving them behind is heartbreaking.

We had a farewell last Sunday and so many people came to say goodbye, I never got a chance to speak to everyone and certainly not for as long as I would have liked.  Im going to miss each and everyone of you!!

There are just some special souls in this world and my sister from another mister, Wendi, is one of them, leaving you is like leaving a part of me behind.

We met at work 8 years ago and just clicked.  We have the same sense of humor and can tell each other anything.  I know we will only be a Skype call or a Whatsapp away but its just not the same.

Im just going to have to have to work on convincing you to come over (once the kids are out of school of course Wends).

Thank Gd for technology, Im not sure how people did it before.  Its hard enough as it is, I cannot imagine not being able to Skype and FB and Whatsapp at the drop of a hat!


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