Our front door

Our front door looks like wood but is actually heavy duty metal.

knock knock

I figured this out the first time I came home to find a business card magnet stuck to it.

That’s right, business card magnets. It seems to be a thing in Israel (not sure if this is a thing anywhere else, certainly not SA), to have your business card as a magnet. Then people go around during the day and stick magnets on your front door. Even the children s entertainer at the party we went to last week handed out magnet cards at the end.

Personally I think it is genius, magnets are sturdier than cardboard and they actually serve a purpose (other than as a business card). It also means I know where the cards are at any given time, either on my door or my fridge/freezer.

Since that first time  I have collected almost two dozen such magnets. Some are inside on the fridge but most of them I have left on my front door. In fact my aim is to cover my door in magnets.

Because why not?

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    1. Ja, I thinks so. The interior doors (except the safe room door) are regular doors, just the front door is heavy thick metal.

      And a friend of mine down the road has a regular, non metal front door, I know this because they can only stick the magnets on her door frame 🙂

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