A perfect weekend

We had such a good weekend.

Friday morning was pretty much the norm, except Aaron stayed home with us while Faith went to school.  Aaron helped with the cleaning, by picking up toys and bits and bobs around the house and then sweeping all the rooms. He then helped me pack away all the clean dishes and cutlery while I cleaned the kitchen. I then made THE most divine brownies to take to my brother for dessert.


We fetched Faith from school at midday and had lunch before heading to the train station to catch a ride to Tel Aviv. The kids were super excited to see we had a double decker train and chose to sit on the upper level. Arriving in Tel Aviv, Faith and I caught a bus to my brothers place where we helped make dinner and played with my nephew, Paul and Aaron spent the afternoon at the port and on the beach. A friend from work who lives in the same building as my brother came for dinner and much laughter and fun was had.

We had no plans set for Saturday but a family that has kids in both Aaron and Faith’s classes sent us a message asking if we would like to join them at the big Anava Park. They very kindly came to fetch us in their car so we didn’t have to walk. Israel is very strict about how many people can be in the car and everyone HAS to be wearing a seat belt, so Gil fetched us and dropped us at the park and then went back to fetch his family.





We had a picnic breakfast and went for a hike/walk and then took the kids to the jungle gym/ play area and we flew a kite and had more food and fed the ducks and the fish in the lake and had ice creams before coming home 5 hours later. It was an unexpected day that turned out so well.


After we came home we lazed around, I had a nap, Aaron played on his computer, Faith put her feet up and Paul edited all the photos he took over the weekend.

Today we are all back to school and work. I’m already looking forward to next weekend.


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  1. Sounds like you guys are really settling in well. That’s awesome. Hope you get to enjoy many, many more great weekends. 🙂

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