Two months of hell, I mean, holidays…

It seems to be a northern hemisphere thing. Two months off school during the summer. Two months off school. Two months!

Luckily the aftercare facility we utilize for the kids during the school week will be running a ‘camp’ throughout the whole of July. 07:30 – 16:00. The aftercare/camp is run from the kids schools and a lot of the kids that attend aftercare will also be at the ‘camp’ so the kids will have the friends that they know with them. It will cost us about double what we usually pay for aftercare for the month but considering it will be double the time it all works out.


That being said, what happens in August? Most if not all of the camps only run for July. There are a few options during August but they are all private and expensive. They also do not cater for my kids ages. They are either for 5 and under or 6 and over so Aaron and Faith could not attend together (hopefully we would be able to convince them to let Faith go with Aaron if this was an option we chose).


A lot of people tend to go away in August so demand for camps is obviously lower than in July but come on, what about those of us who cant go away for whatever reason?

Now, my mom is coming for a visit (does happy dance and sings!) in the last two weeks of August and has graciously said she will help me with the kids on the days that I have to work. In fact she basically told me not to take any leave, I must work and she will spend time with the kids, which is great, except I want to take leave so I can spend time with her! I am, in fact, taking the 1st 5 days she is here as leave so we can spend all that week together.

I digress…

This leaves me with the first two weeks of August.

Our regular babysitter is away for those two weeks and both Paul and I have to work. Some of the families that we are friends with suggested we each take a day of the week and look after each others kids but it looks like that wont happen because there are not enough of us.

So, we may have to take the kids to work with us or work from home. Both options are not ideal.


So, my northern hemisphere friends… what do you do over the summer vacation?


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  1. I feel your pain. We have nowhere for the 3 bigger kids to go during school holidays – the aftercare/camp/sitter options available are simply too expensive, especially considering we still pay the normal school fees while they’re on holiday – so they stay home and this is considered fine since I work from home anyway. But man, they destroy my productivity! It’s making stuff to eat and finding things for them to do All. The. Time!
    Hope you figure something out soon!

  2. Hope you find a workable solution.

    If I recall most of my friends in the northern hemisphere take time off during summer holidays, not the entire long holiday but most of their entitlement for the year. You know the way SA is “dead” in Dec/Jan, Jul/Aug is the northern hemisphere equivalent!!!

  3. Thanks Gals.

    Looks like we will be taking kids with us to work, either one with each of us or alternating between the two of us. Not ideal but hey, we do what we have to do…

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