#ZombiePrompts Week 5

What are your top 5 pieces of clothing?

My jeans! I wear my jeans nearly every day, winter, summer, rain or shine. I have 2 pairs of Levis Curves ID.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m a pear, meaning I have a small waist and large butt/hips. Levis Curves are the answer to my prayers. I actually need to get a few new pairs, I need to figure out if they have them here in Israel or if I need to get someone to bring them back from SA for me.

Pick n Pay bandeau bras. They are so comfortable. Soft, stretchy, no under wire, no clasps, thin straps. I have a dozen of them in black, tan, regular straps and sports straps.

Boots/Havaianas. I usually wear the same pair of shoes until they literally fall apart. last summer I wore the same pair of beige Havaianas every day. So comfy and light. I will definitely need to buy a new pair this summer though. This winter I went to ToGo and got two pairs of boots from them (they had a buy 1 get 1 free offer). So far I have lived in the black pair although on occasion I have worn the brown pair. But ja, those are my go to shoes for winter or summer.

My pony tail holder elastic thingy. Yes, I know, not technically clothing but I cannot live without one. I like having my hair long. I hate having my hair in my face. I either put my hair in a pony, a messy bun or lately a plait. I keep a card with a dozen elastics on it in my handbag, just in case.

Only 4. I really cant think of a 5th item that I have to have or need or wear all the time. My main concern with clothing is if its comfortable. 


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