#Zombieprompts – Share some old family photos

I have a whole wall full of family photos (and a whole bunch of much more recent family pics that need to be printed and put in frames and hung up).


My absolute favourite photo is this one.

We are not entirely sure who he is. We think he may be my moms grandfather. I found the photo when I was going through my grans old photos. She had photos from her wedding, photos of her brother and other important family photos and then this one. There is no writing on the back and Paul is convinced its just the photo that came with a frame. But…

I dont think frames came like that back in the day. It wasnt in a frame when I found it, just tucked in loose with the others. And, he looks like my grans brother. Definitely family!

#ZombiePrompts – My 5 favourite blogs

So a few days ago, Sam from Tech Girl mentioned on Facebook that she enjoys catching up on my blog, even though we don’t have that much in common.

Untitled design (1)



It got me thinking and I remembered this prompt from #Zombieprompts. I have roughly 50 or so blogs in my feed reader at the moment. They run the gamut from mommy blogs to photography blogs to entertainment and lifestyle blogs. narrowing them down to 5 is going to be a tough one.

Harassed Mom

I met Laura-Kim online ages (and ages and ages) ago, and have been an avid reader of hers for all that time. Laura has a large family (4 kids!) and I love reading about how she manages her kids, home, work and passion for the blogging community. I especially look out for her awesome tried and tested recipes. When Laura isn’t blogging at her personal blog, she is over at South African Mom Blogs.


His tongue is as sharp as a scalpel and he never fails to make me snort laugh. Mr. 6K is from the UK, living in Cape Town, has family (including a beagle) and in his own words ‘does science for a living’. Underneath his biting and often dark humour are harsh truths and eye opening facts. I always feel like I should grab a bowl of popcorn when one of his posts turns up in my reader. Oh, he also takes some awesome photos.

Tech Girl 

I have to include Tech Girl on this list, not because Sam mentioned me but because her blog is a regular go to for me. Tech is one of the things we do have in common and I really enjoy how Sam and her team break down the latest trends, games and general tech stuff into simple, easy to understand posts. They post about everything from Pokemon to curling irons, to the ins and outs of blogging. They also review a HUGE variety of products, apps, games and gadgets. I particularly love the small glimpses we get into Sam’s personal space, furnishing her home and cooking up a storm(trooper) are my two favourite examples.


Adina has a way with words that is spellbinding. She doesnt post often but when she does I make sure to have some uninterrupted time so that I can properly concentrate on her posts. Adina writes about her her religion and faith and how she stands up for what she believes in, never wavering from her path. She writes about her family and their adventures. In every post no matter the subject, she manages to weave her soul into the story and often leaves me with tear in my eyes.

Bloggsy Malone

I’ve never met Dave IRL, but one day when I do meet him, the first thing I’m going to do is give him a great big hug! You see, Dave is one of the most inspiring people I have come across. He is a recovering addict, who writes honestly and openly about his experiences. His frankness and willingness to share his journey is a treasure. Dave is a wonderful writer with a fantastic sense of humour,he also takes awesome photos of CT. Oh, he also loves cheese. No really, he LOVES cheese!

So those are the 5 blogs that really stick out for me at the moment. What are some of your favourites?

#ZombiePrompts – Whats in my handbag?

I’ve done this before, take a look here and here.

IMG_5280 (1)


I currently have the following items in my bag:

  • Wallet (the Knomo wristlet purse from the first handbag post above, a little worse for wear but still going strong).
    • My ID
    • My bus/train card
    • Various store club cards
    • Bank Card
    • Medical Aid cards for me and the kids
  • ₪1 in coins (now in my wallet).
  • House keys.
  • Cell charger and adapter.
  • Headache and tummy ache pills, just in case.
  • A broken plastic ring that I told Faith I would try fix.
  • 3 random pieces of paper.
  • A card with 4 hairbands on it (I tend to lose or break them at an insane pace and I cannot have my hair loose).
  • Sunglasses (when they are not on my face).
  • Deodorant because its hot as hell and I don’t want to stink.
  • A bottle of water because its hot as hell and I don’t want to dehydrate.

Not so much stuff and I’m pretty proud of myself for not having too much junk in there either.

#Zombieprompts – If I won the lottery…

Oh boy. I can spend hours and hours fantasizing about what I would do. Mostly I think I would be practical though.

First off, I would buy/build a house. I would make sure it was perfect. Specifically the kitchen. I have a kitchen fetish and a huge board on Pinterest with many, many clever ideas I would like to include.

(part of) my Pinterest kitchen board

Then I would put away money into a trust for the children. A nest egg for them. For their education, weddings, first home, travel, whatever they need/want.

I would pay off all our debts.

Then, I would take a holiday. We would go somewhere fun, lots of site seeing, lots of food, lots of relaxation.

And then I would put what was left into an investment for our retirement and I would go back to work and living my life. 



#Zombieprompts Week 19

Keep a gratitude journal for a week and share the entries.

Oh man, not only am a waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on these posts but I need to keep a journal for a whole week? Nope not going to happen.

I will tell you what I am grateful for right now.

  • Summer
  • 2 beautiful healthy children
  • A surprise visit from my mom last week
  • A good job
  • Being able to order sushi for lunch at work
  • Awesome public transport
  • My new bra ((boooooobs))
  • My husband who made dinner last night
  • The beautiful city I live in
As usual, photo by Paul
As usual, photo by Paul


Just meh.

I feel like I should be writing stuff, interesting stuff, things you guys will find funny and relevant and interesting.

But I just feel meh.

I don’t even feel like doing the #Zombieprompts.



#Zombieprompts Week 17

What are your biggest long term dreams?

So Im a week late with this one but I have a good excuse, its been Pesach and my mommy in law was here and I’ve been on holiday.

My biggest long term dream? Living completely debt free. Simple.

Photo of the Bahá'í Gardens in Haifa by Paul
Photo of the Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa by Paul

#Zombieprompts Week 16

Show your readers 5 different ways to decorate pumpkins.

Whoops, a bit late with last weeks prompt 🙂

So I have only ever decorated/carved a pumpkin once. It was messy and fun and easier than I expected. This is what it looked like.

Aaron could not wait for night to fall so we could light the candle

I was pretty proud of it. You can see the entire ‘how to’ here.

If I were to decorate more pumpkins I wouldn’t carve them. Way too messy and gooey.

I would rather do something like the images below.



How To


How To 



#Zombieprompts Week 15

Write the beginning of a scary story and let your readers decide what happens next.

The rain was coming down harder, the icy pellets stinging her bare arms. She stopped walking at the cross roads, her eyes darting to the sides, into the dense bushes along the road. She knew she wasn’t alone, she just didn’t know what else was out there, watching her. A loud crack of thunder sounded at the same time the lightning struck, illuminating the road ahead. Nothing but a long dark road, flanked my tall trees, bending almost double in the wind and rain. She started walking again, a little bit faster. The sharp staccato sound of nails on tar made her heart beat faster. She didn’t turn around, just started to run.