A Titanic competition*.

*This competition is only open to people living in South Africa. 

Who doesn’t love a good saga? Even before Titanic was released in theatres I was entranced by the story. A huge ‘unsinkable’ ship, so many passengers from all over the world. The opulence of the 1st class passengers. The tragedy of it all.

For the first time in South Africa, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition will be shown, first in Johannesburg and then in Cape Town.

2015 Titanic logo copy copy

Those attending will find out about the lives of South Africans that were on board Titanic, learn about passengers and crew members and relive the events of that fatal night.

There is plenty to do and see for all ages. You will be able to see actual artifacts that have been salvaged from the wreckage, recreations of some of the rooms aboard the ship and also learn about the efforts that are taking place to preserve the wreck for future generation.

The organisers have offered me a set of double tickets for myself and a set for my readers to win but since I won’t be able to attend they have kindly allowed me to add my own tickets into the competition. That means I have TWO double tickets to give away to readers in Jozi and Cape Town.

All you have to do to win is tweet the following “I want to win tickets to the #TitanicExpo with @GNat_J & @TitanicExpo!” before the 20th October 2015. Its as simple as that.

Two winners will be drawn randomly and you can either visit the expo in Johannesburg at TheZone@Rosebank from now until 8th November 2015 or in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront from 27th November 2015 to 14th February 2016.

Good luck!

#LoveChange and a chance to WIN!

*Please note this is a sponsored post.  The story is my own.

The {Change Exchange} is an initiative of {BrightRock} Life Insurance.  A collection of YOUR stories about the big changes that take place in your life.  What are those changes? How to deal with them. How to make the most out of them.

As you know, we are going through a HUGE change at the moment.  Moving to a whole new country is perhaps one of the biggest changes you can make.

From {selling our house} to deciding what to take with us to making the decision to find a new home for our fur-babies. Change, change, change.

The one thing I haven’t spoken about yet is the fact that we will be leaving both our moms behind.

Both our moms are very supportive of our move.  They know we are doing what is best for our family.  They are both heartbroken that we are leaving.  Thank heavens for social media, for Skype, for Whatsapp and for the fact that at worst, Israel is only an hour ahead of South Africa.

My kids are sad to be leaving their Bobba and Nana behind but are excited to see them on Skype and are already making plans for them to come and visit us (I have been informed that we need to buy a pull out bed/couch for them).

I am going to miss them very much.  Im going to miss the support that they give us, taking the kids for an hour or two on the weekend so I can shop in peace or having them overnight so Paul and I can have some time to ourselves.  At least I will still be able to speak to them every day and send messages all day too.  Hopefully we can convince them to come to Israel when they retire 😉

I want to tag {Fawn} from {Deer Delights} to share her #LoveChange story.  If you dont know, I met Fawn at her #ChariTea event on Woman’s Day.  The event was in aid of {The South African Organ Donor Foundation}, a charity very close to Fawn’s heart (or lungs as the case may be), as she is an organ donor recipient!

Now comes the chance for you to win!  BrightRock are looking for YOUR #LoveChange story.

LC Blogger comp image BIG

Are you a budding writer? Then #LoveChange and win!

Share your story about your experiences with one of Life’s biggest Change Moments – whether its Landing that Job, Tying the Knot, Starting a Family or Making a Home – and you could win R2 000.00 in cash and a chance to become a regular contributor on BrightRock’s exciting {Change Exchange}.  Its an asking, learning, sharing, changing space – packed with tips and tools to help people live through, and even love, life’s greatest Change Moments.

Here’s how to win:

Submit your #LoveChange story (no more than 650 words) via the {‘Your Story’ tab}.  Feel free to upload a picture with your story, or upload a link to Instagram or YouTube.  You’ll find all the competition rules on the Change Exchange site.

#LoveChange entries close 31 October 2014. T’s & C’s apply.

And the Dettol winners are…

Sorry this post is late.  I have ManFlu and lets just leave it at that shall we?

The moment you all were waiting for…





So my lovely assistant has drawn 4 names!








Lovely Light
Lovely Light


I will be emailing you all shortly to get your addresses so I can deliver your prizes 🙂

Rub-a-dub-dub and win with Dettol!

I’m quite proud of my kids.  They take hygiene very seriously.  They wash their hands after going to the bathroom and after playing with the hamster.  And before they eat.  They also make sure mom and dad keep clean too.

Im always looking for new ways to help the kids and I keep the germs away.

Dettol came to the party and offered to help us out with this awesome hamper of Dettol goodies.  I particularly like the No-Touch Hand Wash System and the Body Wash.


The best part is that four of you, yes 4 of you, get a chance to win a hamper like mine.  All you have to do is leave me a comment with a tip on how to keep your family and home healthy and germ free.

*Competition is open to South African residents only.

*Competition ends Friday 13th December 2013 at 12pm.  Winner will be announced shortly after that time.

Books, books everywhere, which one will I read?

I have always been an avid reader.  I remember getting a new book from the library when I was a kid and disappearing into my room to devour it, not coming out until I was done.  I was a school librarian during my primary school years and had a library card up until I matriculated.  I would spend all my pocket money on books and I have never been so happy as when {Kindles} became available.  There have been months where I have spent every last spare cent I have in the Amazon book store!

Thank heavens my kids are heading in the same direction.  Hardly a night goes by without books being read before bedtime.  Aaron loves Wednesdays which are library day at school.  Faith carries books around with her wherever she goes.

But how do you choose what book to get for your kids?  With so many awesome books to choose from it can be pretty difficult.

So, the Dewey Big Book Guide for Kids is an absolute win!


Compiled by a panel of experienced booksellers, the Dewey Best Book Guide is packed with books to choose from, conveniently presented in age appropriate sections.

You will be able to find these guides in an {Exclusive Books} near you!

In the mean time there is an exclusive launch being held at {Munch} in Bryanston on Thursday 14th November and one lucky blog reader, and your children, will be attending with me, Aaron and Faith!

In order to be entered into the draw just tell me below, what your favourite book was when you where a child.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winner is…

*Drum rollllllllllllll*

Tracy Jacobs!!!

Please email me your address and what bag/sleeve (size and colour) you want, so that the guys at FLD Products can deliver your prize!

gina (at) jacobson (dot) co (dot) za

And please post a picture when you receive your prize so we can all be totally jealous of you!


I do a review and you get to win!

A little while ago I got an email from Lori at {FLD Products}.  She wanted to introduce me to their product range and to see if we could collaborate.

What struck me first about them is that instead of just sending me a press release they asked to meet me in person, which made me very keen to meet with them.

So on Monday I met up with Lori and her co-founder Jonathan and they took me through the range and explained how they came to be, how they work, the manufacturing process, basically all about these nifty bags and sleeves.

I mentioned that I was getting the new iPad Mini to take with me to Israel and they offered me a beautiful pink sleeve, its the newest item in their product range and not only does it fit the iPad Mini but it also fits the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Google Nexus 7.


Its one of the things I love about the range, its versatile! My mom, who has the Samsung, was eyeing out my cover yesterday for her device.  Good thing its her birthday next month 😉

The other thing I love about the sleeve is the material.  Its padded quite thickly but light.  Thick enough to protect my iPad (I’m a terrible klutz when it comes to dropping my devices) but light enough to not add any significant weight to the device when its in my hand bag.

I also love the fact the inside is made of a micro fibre that cleans the device as you insert or extract it and also protects from scratches.


The only downside I have, is that once I remove the device its unprotected (remember my klutz tendencies) and Im not sure that the sleeve is big enough to fit the device if it has a protective case on it.

Both the sleeves and the bags have extra pockets and spaces to keep, phones, cables, mice, pens and anything else you might need with you.

Overall I love the sleeve and Im keen on getting a laptop bag too for my Air, as soon as I am back from Israel.

So now comes the part where you can win!

Take a look at the FLD Products {web page} then follow the prompts below in the Rafflecopter widget.

The competition closes at midnight on 31 July 2013 and I will notify the winner by email and on the blog.  FLD Products will deliver the prize directly to the winner. Competition only open to those living in South Africa.



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A mini competition! #StarlightExpressSA

*This competition is only open to bloggers with a twitter account TWEETERS in Johannesburg, South Africa*

So, I have been given the go ahead to invite a blogger who also tweets TWEETER to come with me this Wednesday (26th June) to a #StarlightExpressSA rehearsal!

I just cant choose between all you lovely people so here is the deal…

You MUST be an active blogger and you MUST be an active Tweeter! (You must also be available from 13:45 sharp on Wednesday at The Joburg Theatre)

Leave a comment below with your blog address and Twitter handle and I will do a random draw on Tuesday 25th at noon.

iphone pics 330

On a personal note if you all enter then I will, hopefully, now have a whole bunch of new blogs and Twitter account to follow!

Its a poncho, its a skirt, its Sass Designs and it could be yours!

I love doing give aways.  Especially if its a product that I absolutely adore!

I have in my closet, 2 dresses, 1 jumpsuit and a stretch coat.

I wear them everywhere and people are constantly stopping me to ask where I got my gorgeous outfit.

I love love love Sass Designs.

And since I know that you will all fall in love with Sass Designs too, we are giving away a divine Poncho/Skirt in the colour of your choice!

Click on over here (CLICK) to see more photos of how to wear this truly versatile item!

So, in order to be in the running to win yourself one of these funky garments you need to do the following:

The competition runs until 7pm on 12 December 2012 and the winner will be announced shortly after 8pm.

Competition only open to South African followers.

I will be using Random.org to pick a winner.