2! No, really!!

My baby is 2! I cant really believe it.  Where a has the time gone?

Just over two years ago he was here…

8 months

and he looked like this…


Then, on the night of the 4th of November, I went to bed at about 11pm, I got up to go to the bathroom a few times and at about 1am on the 5th of November, after getting up for the umpteenth time, my water broke.

Paul had only got to bed at midnight and it took a while for him to wake up, I think the rough shake to his shoulder and the “Paul, my waters broke, the baby is coming!” finally did the trick.

For the next half hour it was like something out of a movie, Paul ran around like a headless chicken and we made calls to the hospital and tried to finish packing my hospital bag.

You see, Aaron decided that he didn’t want to wait for the end of the month, he had had enough and decided that 4 weeks early was when he would be joining us.  My bags were not really packed, I had just started my maternity leave and his room wasn’t finished, I hadnt had my hair done, or waxed my bits.  I was scheduled for a c-section in two weeks time and thought that I had plenty time to finish everything off…

We got to the hospital and settled in at about 3am.  At 6 am I recieved my spinal and by 6:30am on 5th November Aaron Baruch Jacobson was born.

In our excitement Paul forgot to take a camera into the theatre (or even his cell phone) so we didnt get any pics of Aaron straight after he was born but we sure made up for it…


my little sprout


And then he turned 1!

1st Birthday

And now, now he is 2!!!!

Happy 2nd birthday my angel!

A florist exploded…

… and landed all over me 🙂

All the way from Israel via Netflorist from my brother Matthew
All the way from Israel via Netflorist from my brother Matthew
From Paul
From Paul
From Eli
From Eli
From Ro (I left these ones at the office to brighten my desk)
From Ro (I left these ones at the office to brighten my desk)

30 things you didn’t know about me…

In honour of my birthday on Monday, here are 30 things you may or may not find interesting about me…

1. By the age of one I could speak in full sentences.

2. I was born bald and only really got hair around my second birthday.

3. I was an only child until just before my seventh birthday when Matt was born (Cliff was born 15 months to the day later).

4. I used to dance ballet, modern and tap.

5. I broke my nose in standard 5 jumping on a trampoline.

Gina 1 year

6. The only thing I hate more than snakes is lizards, they are snakes with legs…

7. I have a ‘thing’ for vampires.

8. I was that kid in primary school that everyone teased, sometimes affectionately.

9. I never finished varsity.

10. My first job was working in a toy store, I think I lasted a month.

Deep in thought

11. I can sing, badly.

12. I could never be a vegetarian, I love meat too much.

13. I could have done better at school but I was too lazy.

14. I am very uncoordinated, I drop things a lot, ask Paul.

15. I tell people I am 5 foot but really Im shorter than that.  Just.

Wendywood Primary - Grade 1

16. I spent just over 8 months on a kibbutz in Israel.

17. I tell myself stories when Im lying in bed to put myself to sleep.

18. I almost always fall asleep after Paul.

19. I can read a novel in about 3 days, I don’t speed read.

20. I love salt!


21. I had naturally blonde hair as a child.

22. I have died my hair pretty much every colour except black.

23. I hate wearing make up.

24. I dont like touching anything fluffy (mohair, lint from the tumble dryer etc…)

25. I gag at the thought of wet paper.

Matt, me and Cliff

26. I have been held at gunpoint in my own home, been smash and grabbed and been hijacked.

27. I LOVE South Africa.

28. One day I will live in Israel, maybe sooner rather than later.

29. I am beginning to be happy with who I am, I am a work in progress and thats ok.

30. The thing I love the most in the whole world is my family!

My family