Me me me me meeeeeeeeeme….

I saw this meme on Jenty’s blog and then on Alida’s, Laura-Kim’s and Angel’s

My turn!

  • Right now, I am lying on my bed, trying to get warm.
  • I’m currently obsessed with the Merry Gentry novels by Laurell K. Hamilton.
  • Cannot live without hugs.
  • I’m reading Seduced by Midnight – Book 3 of the Merry Gentry series.
  • I’m listening to my dogs eating what was their breakfast.
  • Favourite place in Joburg dont really have one exactly. I love discovering new places though.
  • Favourite place in SA is Jozi.  I love everything about my city.
  • Favourite place in the world the Kotel in Jerusalem.
  • I’ve lived in Jozi and Israel.
  • Next up on my bucket list perhaps I should actually make a bucket list…
  • The last thing I crossed of my bucket list see above
  • I realized I was an adult when I looked into Aaron’s eyes for the very first time.
  • I realized I’d never be an adult when I accepted that I love animated films!
  • In the movie of my life, I want to be played by Julianne Moore.
  • Best invention since the wheel: PVR.
  • A house is not a home without dogs.
  • This week I’m crushing on my very warm feather duvet!
  • I’m currently working on not much.
  • I’m really proud of Aaron, for being the politest little boy I know!
  • You’d be amazed if I showed you my teeth before I had braces.  The stuff of nightmares.  No really!
  • I cannot survive winter without hot chocolate.
  • Signature dish Sjoe… No idea.  I love testing new recipes and very seldom make the same thing twice unless it was very very good.  But after a few times I move onto something new.
  • Guilty pleasure soppy romance novels.
  • When no-one’s looking I sing. Loudly.  And badly 🙂
  • In my next life I want to be a dog in my house.  Spoilt brats.
  • Every morning I am late.  I hate waking up.
  • I believe that anything is possible and that things, good or bad,  happen for a reason.  Also that Karma is a bitch and you will get back what you dish out.
  • I’ve really got to work on building my immune system.  At this point it feels like I dont have one at all.
  • Best advice I was ever given Do the right thing, even if it hurts.

A meme

I havent done one of these for a while so when I saw this on Wenchy’s blog I jumped right in!

Shot a gun
Gone on a blind date X
Skipped school X
Saw someone die X
Visited America
Visited Mauritius
Visited Europe
Visited Australia
Visited Sun City  X
Visited Cape Town. X
Been to  Victoria Falls
Been to court.  X
Been lost  X
Travelled to the opposite side of the country (by car!)
Visited Pretoria X
Swam in the Ocean X
Cried yourself to sleep X
Played cops and robbers X
Played cowboys and Indians X
Recently coloured with crayons X
Travelled by train  X
Sang Karaoke X
Sang a solo or duet in church
Paid for a meal with coins only
Made prank phone calls X
Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose X
Caught a snowflake on your tongue
Had children  X
Had a pet   X
Been skinny-dipping outdoors  X
Been fishing X
Been boating  X
Been downhill skiing & made it down the hill without falling
Been water skiing
Been camping in a trailer
Been camping in a tent
Flown in a small 4-seater airplane
Flown in a helicopter
Flown in a hot air balloon.
Walked on a glacier
Driven a motorcycle/been a passenger
Been bungee-jumping
Gone to a drive-in movie X
Done something that could have killed you-but didn’t
Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life  X
Met Nelson Mandela
Visited Asia
Rode an elephant
Eaten biscuits or cake for dinner: X
and ice cream for breakfast. X
Stolen any traffic signs
Stolen any traffic cones
Been in a car accident X
Donated blood
Played bowls (old man’s marbles)

Play along with us. Mark all the things you HAVE done with an X 🙂

Gratitude: Days 24 to 30

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

You can see the first 6 days here and days 7 to 14 here.

You can see days 15 to 23 here.

Day 24: gratitude - I'm so grateful that I'm able to make even this small contribution. #CutForCANSA


Day 25: artwork - the print we bought at the iPhonography exhibit. @Jenty sold it to benefit #teamjp


Day 26: transportation - my baby 🙂


Day 27: daily routine - tea! Can't start my day without it. Even if it's just one sip 🙂


Day 28: nighttime - the street light outside my house


Day 29: light - through the clouds. The sun will shine


Day 30: self portrait - mwa!


Im a little bit sorry I wont have anymore daily photos to take.  This was fun!

Random facts are me :)

I was given an award by Tanya over at Dear Max (check out their spiffy new home on the web!)

So I have to tell you 7 random facts about me and then tag 15 bloggers to do the same.

Here goes!

  1. I hate painting my finger nails but love having my toe nails painted.
  2. I could speak in full sentences (no baby talk) by the time I was 1 year old.
  3. I have a very short temper but a very short memory too, once its over its over, I move on.
  4. I cant sleep with my feet out the blankets, they have to be tucked in.
  5. I always wanted to own a book store with a fire place reading nook, just so I could curl up with any book I liked and read all day.
  6. I wish I was tall.
  7. If I could have a 2 hour nap every single day I would be the happiest person ever.

And the 15 bloggers are:

  1. acidicice
  2. Because I Can
  3. Cinderella Trippin’
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  6. Her Royal Cuteness
  7. I am Tamiya
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  10. Kambabe’s Thoughts
  11. Love.Cybelle
  12. Lovely Light
  13. Mandi Made It
  14. Mom’s Meanderings
  15. Roro’s Rantings


Gratitude: Days 15 to 23

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

You can see the first 6 days here and days 7 to 14 here.

Day 15: technology - no one said it had to be modern tech. My grans original electric sewing machine


Day 16: - animals - this is my mothers dog Bones. I'm grateful that I get to live with her 3 pups 🙂


Day 17: memories - thanks mom for taking the photos 🙂


Day 18: something new - fresh summer fruit 🙂


Day 19: best friend - @wendilk. She had to send me the pic cause she doesnt work with me anymore 🙁


Day 20: seasonal - or unseasonal since its supposed to be hot and sunny. I love this weather though 🙂 #nofilter


Day 21: where you sleep - Im so so so grateful for our king size extra length bed. @pauljacobson is slightly more grateful though #talldude


Day 22: clothing - my outfit today. Dress from my moms cupboard. Jeans from Truworths. Shoes from local artist at the Bryanston Organic Market.


Day 23: in your closet - Ummm ja. Not gonna happen. It's a mess. Sorry 😉

Gratitude: The next 8 days

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

You can see the first 6 days here.

Day 7: something funny - Faith's bed head 🙂


Day 8: favourite colour - #red


Day 9: inspiring person - my mommy! The strongest, smartest, most beautiful lady I know!


Day 10: nature - a corner of my moms garden. Bliss


Day 11: something old - Funk & Wagnalls dictionary circa 1949


Day 12: Hands - Hubband and wif


Day 13: written words - support the cause


Day 14: movement - how awesome is it that I get to watch my baby girl wiggle around 🙂

Gratitude: The first 6 days

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

Here are the first 6 photos.

day 1: favourite food. All food is my fave, today this tops my list 🙂


day 2: smile - I'm so grateful to be able to draw smiles with my big boy!


day 3: happiness - my almost 1 year old 🙂


day 4: leaves - I am so grateful to have not 1 but 2 purple bougainvillea plants outside my bedroom. The 'petals' are actually leaves 🙂


day 5: morning sky - I'm grateful for the rain we might get later today #nofilter


day 6: books - just a small portion of our book shelf... About 1/5 of the space...

What I Wore Today or WIWT

I found this great meme at Cats blog and she got it from MelB’s blog and so here is my WIWT (please excuse the awful BB pics)…



Black leggings – Truworths 2 years ago

‘Grape’ dress with octopus detail – Thailand

Black waterfall cardi – Truworths

Black lace up Kelso boots – from my mommy’s cupboard

Long sleeve black t-shirt – Two Clothing

My favourite things right now – A meme.

Looks like Jenty has started a new meme 😉  Here is one that Cat did too 🙂


Favourite Shop – Woolies and (I only discovered it yesterday) The Food Lovers Market!

Favourite chocolate – Any bitter sweet chocolate, I also love anything with praline

Favourite Cookie – If you mean cupcake then The Cupcake Lady’s red velvet with cream cheese icing, if you mean biscuit then Woolies chocolate dipped digestives

Favourite food – Roast chicken

Favourite meal that I make – French toast on a Sunday night

Favourite flower – Barbeton daisy

Favourite colour to wear – Black

Favourite shoes – My new flat brown brown boots

Favourite drink – Water

Favourite lens – whatever comes on my point and shoot 😉

Favourite place to walk the dogs – You mean favourite place for the dogs to walk me?  They run in our garden.

Favourite place to take the kids – To the Genesis Park down the road.

Favourite coffee for every day at home – Nescafe Collection – Espresso

Favourite coffee shop – Dont really have one

Favourite pizza place – Piza è Vino at Melrose Arch

Favourite place to take photos – Wherever my kids are

Favourite place for holidays – Drakensburg, dying to go back

Favourite yoghurt  – plain Greek style yoghurt

Favourite man – Paul 😉

Favourite iPhone app – I dont have an iPhone but if I did then it would be Instagram

Favourite website – Twitter (sad I know, but it keeps me sane)

Favourite TV program – CSI, Supernatural, Stargate Universe

Feel free to add or delete any of the above, this is after all, YOUR favourite things 🙂