Project: Get Fit – November

*This post originally appeared on the Virgin Active Blog!

Wow, I haven’t blogged here in a while. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been training though. I have.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about stairs. In particular the stairs at my office and the fact that I have walked up (and down) those stairs almost every single work day this year. I’m on the 2nd floor.

The few times I took the lift were when I had my 2 year old with me or I was sick. About 5 days this year.

I did a little calculation as follows:

  • number of steps = 56
  • number of days I was at work (up to end of October) = 191
  • 10696 steps up and 10696 steps down

That’s 21392 steps, minimum, because I often go up and down a few times a day.

In the beginning of the year I was huffing and puffing by the time I reached the top, now I practically run up the stairs and am barely out of breath at the top.

Just imagine if I had taken the lift. How many steps I would have missed out on.

I’m pretty proud of me!

Project: Get Fit – June (end of)

*First published on the {Virgin Active Blog}

Remember my baseline fitness test I did in {May}?

I did a follow up test last night.  Here are my results.

  • 3km run – 21m40s
  • Pull ups – 3
  • Sit ups (1 minute) – 31
  • Push ups (1 minute) – 20
  • 400m sprint – 1m42s

Im a bit disappointed in my 3km time.  I really thought I would shave off at least a minute, instead I added just over a minute.  Im not sure how though, I ran more than I walked this time and my lung capacity was definitely better than before.  I guess I just have to keep trying.

On the other hand, everything else is an improvement!

I guess the lesson here is to keep trying, keep training, keep on keeping on!

Project: Get Fit!

At the end of last year I joined {Virgin Active}.

I hadn’t been to gym in years.

But after {joining} a twitter group for moms with post pregnancy bellies and failing miserably at doing anything about getting my tummy trim I decided it was time to {get motivated} properly.

Needless to say I went a few times and stopped going 🙁

But January saw me trying something different.  Classes.

I usually do the step machine and weight machines but that meant self motivation and I was failing miserably at that.

I decided to do a Pilates class.  I figured with an instructor I wouldn’t be allowed to slack off, I also mistakenly thought that Pilates would be easy.  I couldn’t walk for 2 days afterwards.  It was great!

I then decided to join a work friend at a{Zumba} class.

I am in LOVE with Zumba!

I go every Sunday morning and I try go every Thursday afternoon.  And to my utter delight they have added a Friday afternoon class!  Yay!!

Im getting better at all the different steps and can now occasionally add arm movements to the feet without face planting.

Im going to start keeping a record off all my measurements on the blog so I can track my progress!

As at 31 January 2013:

  • Weight:                    52.9 kg
  • Body fat:                 30.2 %
  • Blood Pressure:   92/57 mmHg
  • Heart Rate:            85 bpm
  • Tummy:                  82 cm
  • Thigh:                     58 cm
  • Arm:                        29 cm


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