How to fall pregnant in 12 easy steps…

Step 1: Try to conceive for almost a year.  Don’t tell anyone except close family.

Step 2: Have multiple doctor appointments that include many scans and scripts for Clomid.

Step 3: Discover that your tubes are blocked.  Have a laparascopy to clear them.

Step 4: Try more Clomid.

Step 5: Come out the closet.

Step 6: Have a scan that shows you have no viable eggs and your lining is shit.

Step 7: Psych yourself up for maybe having to move from your doctor to a fertility specialist if your next cycle of double dose Clomid doesn’t work.

Step 8: Fill out many many application forms for procedures, medication and scans applicable to Infertility that may or may not be paid for out of the Prescribed Minimum Benefit. Send to medical aid for approval.

Step 9: Receive approval from the medical aid much to the astonishment of your doctor who told you medical aid would not pay for it.

Step 10: Wait for your period so you can start the next round of double dose Clomid.

Step 11: Pee on a stick the day your period is due.  Expect it to be negative

Step 12: Make sure you are sitting down when you take a look at the test and two lines show up!


So, I wrote this post 4 weeks ago, when we first peed on that stick.  We didnt want to say anything until we had been for our first scan which was this morning!

Baby aka #theSQL, is perfect, measuring 7w5d and has a beautiful heartbeat of 144bpm.

Im already showing (have been since about 5 weeks!).  Im feeling ok-ish, started with morning sickness last week and it mostly hits me at night, Im also exhausted all the time, which I wasnt with Aaron at all.  Oh!  My boobs are already growing!  WooHoo for bigger boobs!

We are so so so over the moon, it still doesn’t really feel real…

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  1. Awesome news! So happy for you guys! I have no words, except WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO-FREAKIN-HOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Oh WOW!!! YAY!! I’m SO super excited and happy for you! And the fact that I’m ALL hormonal myself is really not helping to fight that absolute tears of joy for you! Your scans are the prettiest pictures I’ve seen in a very very long time!

    Aww man! Again, CONGRATUMALTIONS!!!!!!!

    And WELCOME to the Belly-Club of 2010!!!

  3. Oh Gina that is such AWESOME AMAZING WONDERFUL news!! Congratulations, I’m am just SO happy for you. I don’t have the excuse of being hormonal to explain the tears of joy – just so happy for you. Huge hugs to you & Paul, so so so happy!!!

  4. Awesome news Gina. Very happy for you and Paul. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy:-)

  5. Congrats and I’m very happy that you are pregnant. Every women deserve it. My sister is now 8 weeks pregnant, so you and she is possibly going to share some dates for delivery. Again, congrats and I hope the morning sickness is not going to stay for too long.

  6. Mazeltov! Excellent news. Chlomid and showing at 5 weeks? The doc is sure there is only one? Ours was too, and we got a bit of a surprise at our 12 week scan. Just saying…

  7. Haha, TheSQL – love it! Nearly choked on my morning muesli when I read that!

    But seriously, congrats. I know I said it already but no harm in saying it again.

    Congrats congrats congrats.


  8. Congratulations!

    Ps! The only thing that worked for me when I had morning sickness was mint ice cream…use it, don’t use it *shrug* 😀

  9. How fantastic! Congratulations!!
    I had a look at the post Jeanette posted this morning and I could see you showing!! Yay!

  10. Havent been online much and missed this post completely. Congrats, I am so happy for you and wish you all the best with your pregnancy.

  11. Need advice ! Iv been strugling for about a year now to fall pregnant 🙁 Iv got a 7 yrs old child and really want another 1. Been to so many doctors and found out iv got cists on my ovarys, if any one has any advice at all please could u help me


  12. i had a miss last year Jan i was about 6;8 weeks, eva since than im trying to fall pregnant n ever time i twat i was it turn out negative. da doctor said they is nothing wrong n i can fall pregnant, but cant. if any1 can advice me on what to do i will really appreciate it. im married for a year n me n my husband really wants a baby. plz advice me

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