Coming out of the closet…

For 12 months Paul and I have been trying to have another baby.

There I said it!

The reason I started protecting the post on this topic is that in Jewish tradition, you don’t tell anyone that you are pregnant until you are three months along. I figured if I started talking about trying and then stopped talking about it then it would be obvious and what would the point be etc..

The reason I am ‘coming out the closet’ is that we have been trying for 12 months! A whole YEAR! The support I have had from the people who have read the posts has been amazing and such a source of strength for me.

I need more of that support, I need to know that there are people out there who are rooting for us. I also need other women (and men) who are struggling to know that they are not alone. If reading my posts and the responses to them gives even one person a sense of comfort in any way then that makes me happy.

So, here is a list of the (now) unprotected posts.





Sad Face

Round 2 Ding ding ding

On Hold

The Saga Continues


Lucky #12

Working on a new post as you read this too…

Thank you for coming on my journey with me!

11 Replies to “Coming out of the closet…”

  1. we took a couple of years with our first, it was fraught with miscarriage and trauma, difficult when you’ve announced the good news to the world. hang in there. It will happen. have you tried the thermometer and graph method? It works.

  2. glad u went public on this lady…
    there are so many people i know of in the same boat and empathy trumps sympathy a million times over.
    hoping we see a stripy pee stick pic asap(ee) xx

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