Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol

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Personally I dont do drugs and I very seldom drink.

I love a good whiskey every now and again and partial to Bells as that is what my grandfathers and my dad drank and what I learned to drink whiskey with.

Occasionally I have been known to have a beer (not a bear for my Twitter followers) when eating pizza.

My parents, particularly my dad, raised me to do everything in moderation.  My dad would rather I was at home having a drink with him than off at a club getting drunk.

As an aside in regards to clubs… He always told me that he would fetch me from wherever I was as long as it was no later than 12am.  After that getting home was my problem.  95% of the time I went home with him rather than find my own way home.

My parents views on moderation when it came to drugs were not so similar.  My mom was adamant that I NEVER EVER do drugs.  My dads view was once again, rather bring the weed* home and try it in a safe environment than out where there was no control.  Needless to say I would never admit to him, no matter how relaxed his views were, that I had ever smoked weed.

I would like to think that I will be the same way with my kids, ‘moderation’, I know Paul will be far stricter than me.  Who knows.

*for the sake of this post, which is being read by various family members, lets just say weed was the only thing I ever experimented with, ok?

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  1. I am very strict with Damien, and like your dad- I am prepared to fetch him if he can’t drive or if the people he is with are too drunk to drive.

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