Talking about toilet training

Is 15 months too early to start training Faith?

The thing is, I think she understands where wee comes from.

When I go to the loo I tell her that mommy is making a wee, then she will clutch at her nappy and now she has started squatting and when I am finished she stands up and starts clapping.

Is it too early?  Should I wait? How would I start training a girl?  Aaron was easy, we made him wee in the garden, no mess, no fuss…


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  1. Mmm…I agree with Laura. Let her walk around naked, put potty there for her, explain clearly what she needs to do and just leave her to it. No pressure.

  2. We got a potty for our girl. When I go, I usually took her with me, took off the nappy and let her sit while I was busy as well. I made sure to sit a while, 5 min or so and then get up otherwise she would also get up and to potty train a child, takes a while for them to realise that they need to wee while sitting on the potty. After a few months, she got it.

  3. We started Ash. Got the pull-up nappies and a potty. I am also making her walk around naked bum and all – we have had some oopsies but that’s no problem. The nanny is also a great help here. I’m sure Faith is also ready, especially if she’s as curious as Ash.

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