Skin – 4 month later

Day: 111

Dosage: 30mg per day

Skin issues: I had what I thought was a small white head on my lip line, I steamed the area and tried to squeeze itout (Yes I know, naughty naughty! Dont do that again etc…), turns out it wasnt a white head and I suddenly had a realisation that in the past what I had done would have created a huge cyst.  Thankfully that didnt happen this time 🙂  Also, I have worn make up twice since this post, and no reaction!!

Side effects: Lips and eyes are still dry but nothing else to report.  Oh! Actually, I had a full set of blood tests done about 2 weeks ago from my GP and all the liver and sugar test came back normal, so the Roaccutane is not negatively effecting those functions.

Improvement: My skin is looking better than it ever has.  3 more months of the Roaccutane and I should be cured 😉

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