I wore makeup and I liked it

So I mentioned here why I never wear makeup and then I mentioned here that I have worn makeup now and that my skin didnt freak out about it 🙂

Most of the makeup and creams I have used have come from samples that I got from GlossyBox and RubyBox , the exception being the mascara that I have had for ages and ages (because I never wear makeup I actually dont own any except the mascara).

So here goes…

Foundation – NYX

Sorry for the bad pic

The colour is a lot darker than it looks but its for night time it looked ok 🙂

 Eye Shadow – Eye Majic

This is the colour I used. Not my choice, will get more neutral colours next time 🙂

I never really buy eye shadow because I never use it and when I do buy it turns crumbly and yucky with age.  I got the Eye Majic in my GlossyBox months ago and I will most definitely be buying more!  Soooo easy to use.  The colour I got as a sample was not so great but they have a huge range 🙂

Eyeliner – Beauté

‘Scuse the bad photo!


I never really use eyeliner but thought what the hey, might as well 🙂

Mascara – Clinique

Love this mascara 🙂

Now for cleansing and moisturising…

Cleansing – Africology

Love the tingly feeling, I use this every night

Moisturising – Anesi

Let me just say that I dont care how expensive this might be, but when my little sample runs out I am buying this.  Smells divine and absorbs with no greasiness and best of all my skin has no adverse reaction to it!

So thats it, the products I have started using.

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  1. Yay, for finding a product and makeup that agrees with your skin. I’m looking into the Ruby, Glam and Glossy not sure which to go for tho.

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