Its a poncho, its a skirt, its Sass Designs and it could be yours!

I love doing give aways.  Especially if its a product that I absolutely adore!

I have in my closet, 2 dresses, 1 jumpsuit and a stretch coat.

I wear them everywhere and people are constantly stopping me to ask where I got my gorgeous outfit.

I love love love Sass Designs.

And since I know that you will all fall in love with Sass Designs too, we are giving away a divine Poncho/Skirt in the colour of your choice!

Click on over here (CLICK) to see more photos of how to wear this truly versatile item!

So, in order to be in the running to win yourself one of these funky garments you need to do the following:

The competition runs until 7pm on 12 December 2012 and the winner will be announced shortly after 8pm.

Competition only open to South African followers.

I will be using to pick a winner.

26 Replies to “Its a poncho, its a skirt, its Sass Designs and it could be yours!”

  1. oh, meeeeeeeeeee!!!
    i’ve been lusting over a poncho skirt and a stretch coat for the longest time now!
    *hold thumbs in millions of ways – like a one dress* :p

  2. I like that stretch coat, I like the Ricci dress and I LOVE that Sass pants. It has sassy written all over it. Have liked and followed on twitter.

  3. Is it sad that I don’t have to leave this page to enter as I already follow and like, and I know the page so well I don’t even need to look?? 😉

    I am missing the Verity from my collection. #justsaying 😉

  4. I follow, I’ve liked and I already own 3 x poncho skirts, a black one dress, the summery flowery 1 dress, the Amelie dress and 2 jackets:P AND I want more:)

    Also, it’s impossible to pick just ONE thing…just FYI

  5. I fell in love with the Tuck Dress – It suites my style and it looks like effortless stylish!

  6. How can you make us choose just one item to live with out. Defintely need to add the poncho/skirt, a pair or 2 of sass pants and the jenni and ricci dresses.

  7. How can you make us choose just one item that we wouldn’t be able to live without???. Defintely need to add the poncho/skirt, a pair or 2 of sass pants and the jenni and ricci dresses.

  8. For me it would have to be the Sass 1-dress first. Later on, I could go back and pick up the Ricci, Lizzie, Stretch Coat, and eventually some accessories… 🙂

  9. ohhhh wow! What an amazing giveaway! I have been lusting after the Sass dresses forever! In fact my own personal weight loss goal after this baby is born is to spoil myself with a Ricci dress. I LOOOVE it.

    Have liked and followed aaaages ago. 🙂 love love love the poncho skirt!

  10. I have the amazingly versatile 1-dress already, but am super jealous of @RubyLetters’ floral Amelie dress! Plus I think I would get loads of day-to-day use from the poncho/skirt combo! What an awesome prize 🙂

  11. Och, I’ve slobbered for a loong time over Sass’s dresses. The RICCI, the TERIA, the Stretch Coat – all DIVINE!!
    I am already following and liking for, like forever!!

  12. Stunning giveaway thankyou! Impossible to decide but like the stretch coat as well as everything else :):)

  13. A Sass Design has been on my wish list for so long, it will be super cool to win one Pick Me Pick Me! Pleeeease 🙂

  14. I must say I really Love the AMELIE, but seeing what the Poncho skirt looks like is just as stunning and flattering!

  15. Oh wow. Just wow. I think I’m in love. These are such gorgeous creations – and they look so flattering too! I have definitely liked Sass on both Twitter and Facebook. I think, obviously, the one design I couldn’t live without would be the versatile 1-dress – which can be made into a million different looks! Would you ever need another dress again? 😀
    I also really love the Verity. Looks so comfy!

  16. Wow! I’ve heard (seen..) you rave about your Sass Design dresses, but haven’t had a chance to look at their website before now so I had no idea exactly how right you were!
    The poncho skirt is perfect for my body shape and I love the Bolero, I migh just buy it anyway 🙂
    I have liked and followed..

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