A secret all women should know!

Boxer briefs!

*PSA – Some of the links may be NSFW if you are not allowed to look at womens bums in underwear 😉

Not boy shorts. Not even boxer briefs designed for women (mostly they still look more like boy shorts in my opinion and are probably just as ‘climb up the bum’ uncomfortable as boy shorts).

No, I’m talking about men’s boxer briefs.

I found myself in need of a pair of sleep shorts/summer pajama bottoms and a light bulb went off. Men’s boxer briefs looked soooooo comfy. And they are.

I bought myself a few pairs and let me tell you, I’m going to be wearing them all the time now. No pinching, no pulling, no climbing up the bum, just soft, cotton, comfy undies.


You may recall I posted about my pear shape. Well, I fit into a men’s large boxer brief due to the bottom of my pear. But that’s ok, they are so comfy and they look good too.


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