Today you are 40 Hubband. I’m married to a 40 year old. The best 40 year old out there. So I though I would tell you 40 things I love about you.

I love…

  1. How much bigger than me you are.
  2. Your smile.
  3. Your wicked sense of humour.
  4. That you love our kids so much.
  5. That you check on them each night before you get into bed.
  6. Your glasses. My very own Clark Kent.
  7. When you hold my hand.
  8. Your hugs.
  9. How excited you get about new Star Wars/Star Trek/Avengers/geek movies.
  10. That you don’t let me get away with my shit.
  11. Except sometimes you do.
  12. That you let me sleep in.
  13. And make me coffee.
  14. That you wash dishes.
  15. And clean the bathrooms.
  16. That you know more about music than I do and have introduced me to so much new stuff.
  17. That you went for dance lessons for our wedding.
  18. Your photography, its magical.
  19. Sitting on the couch watching TV together.
  20. Those moments when you know exactly what I’m thinking.
  21. How you encourage our children in whatever their passions are.
  22. That you’re reading Charlie & The Chocolate Factory with the kids (and loving the story as much as they are).
  23. How into technology you are.
  24. And how you encourage me to try new tech when you try it.
  25. And encourage me to try new things in general.
  26. How much you love ice cream.
  27. And that look of disappointment you get when its finished, like a kid all over again.
  28. Your legs, you have the best legs.
  29. That you love my cooking.
  30. And my baking.
  31. The way you light up when you see an injustice being done and know you can fix it.
  32. Your writing.
  33. Your eyes, those blue eyes.
  34. Your sense of fairness.
  35. The fact that you draw. 
  36. That every day you choose to walk our life path with me, together.
  37. That you said we can get a dog.
  38. Your ADD (yes, I even love your squirrels).
  39. The fact you take 20 minutes when you brush your teeth.
  40. That you love me, just as I am.



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