77 – How old my grandmother is

20 – How old she was when she got married

57 – How many years she and my grandfather have been married today!

3 – The number of children they have

7 – The number of grandchildren they have

1 – The number of great grandchildren they have

∞ – How much we love you granny Fan!!

I think we are doing something right!

It seems we are raising a very special little boy.  A boy who is polite and sweet, caring and helpful.

Aaron always wants to help with whatever it is we are doing, whether it is feeding the dogs, watering the garden, turning off the lights or even setting the table.

He is also very very polite and says please, thank you and it’s a pleasure without any prompting (most of the time).

He always gives hugs and kisses if he has hurt one of us or one of the dogs and he also comes and says he is sorry (without prompting!) if he has done something he knows is wrong.

I think we are definitely doing something right!

Public Holiday (and the weather played nice too…)

Aaron and I spent the morning Norwood Mall, we went shopping and then spent just over an hour playing at the play place.

We came home and after running wild Aaron had a nap and then we met my mom for lunch at Grand Central in Melrose Arch.

Lindt chocolate brownie aka Orgasm on a Plate!!!

We then proceeded to Angel’s birthday party where Aaron and I spent a good hour or so in the pool with the tons of kids while Paul took photos and mingled.  There were a whole lot people there, quite a few from twitter and the blog world.  I wish I had more time to sit and chat to everyone but Aaron was determined to spend every minute in the pool and when we got out of the pool threw the MOTHER OF ALL TANTRUMS!!!!  So we went home earlier than we would have liked…

I think we will be forever known as the parents of that boy who threw the MOTHER OF ALL TANTRUMS!!!!

Here are some pics that Paul took…

Birthday Girl
Aaron lost all fear once he saw the other kids swimming, here is the umpteenth jump into mama's waiting arms!
Conner clearly enjoyed that yummy cupcake...
Fun in the sun
By far my favourite photo of the day... "love"

We are on our own…

Today is our housekeepers last day of work, she only comes back on 11th January 2010!

Usually I take leave when she does but this year with  my trip to Israel I dont have any leave left and the forced leave we have to take between Christmas and New Years is already putting me into negative leave.  Paul is bogged down with work.  My mom-in-law is going away and my mom is also only on leave between Christmas and New Year…

I have no idea how we are going to manage working and looking after Aaron.  House work doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind laundry and we just wont have ironed clothes unless absolutely necessary.   I can clean the bath and the toilets and I actually really enjoy cooking.

The issue is looking after Aaron,  he needs full time attention.  I will bring him to work with me for some of the time but he gets bored, there is no TV or jungle gym or other kids to play with and I actually have to do some work.  Paul will look after him when there is a lull in his work but it doesnt look like that is going to be very often.  My mom will take him on the days she doesn’t have work in the afternoons.  My brother-in-law has kindly offered to take him one morning to Yeesh in Woodmead.

I really want to be able to spend all my time with him and make the holidays fun for him but boy is it going to be hard.

Leaving on Jet Plane

On Tuesday I leave for 8 days in Israel.  With travel it works out to be 10 days away from my family…

Read about the agony that is leaving them over here on Jozikids.

2! No, really!!

My baby is 2! I cant really believe it.  Where a has the time gone?

Just over two years ago he was here…

8 months

and he looked like this…


Then, on the night of the 4th of November, I went to bed at about 11pm, I got up to go to the bathroom a few times and at about 1am on the 5th of November, after getting up for the umpteenth time, my water broke.

Paul had only got to bed at midnight and it took a while for him to wake up, I think the rough shake to his shoulder and the “Paul, my waters broke, the baby is coming!” finally did the trick.

For the next half hour it was like something out of a movie, Paul ran around like a headless chicken and we made calls to the hospital and tried to finish packing my hospital bag.

You see, Aaron decided that he didn’t want to wait for the end of the month, he had had enough and decided that 4 weeks early was when he would be joining us.  My bags were not really packed, I had just started my maternity leave and his room wasn’t finished, I hadnt had my hair done, or waxed my bits.  I was scheduled for a c-section in two weeks time and thought that I had plenty time to finish everything off…

We got to the hospital and settled in at about 3am.  At 6 am I recieved my spinal and by 6:30am on 5th November Aaron Baruch Jacobson was born.

In our excitement Paul forgot to take a camera into the theatre (or even his cell phone) so we didnt get any pics of Aaron straight after he was born but we sure made up for it…


my little sprout


And then he turned 1!

1st Birthday

And now, now he is 2!!!!

Happy 2nd birthday my angel!

Granny Ruby

The other day I posted a photo of my dads parents, Sydney and Ruby.

Today I took Aaron to go and visit his Great Granny Ruby and he had so much fun watering her beautiful garden.

Here are some shots I took…


I got that T-shirt from PnP yesterday, the bones glow in the dark!!







My dads folks…

My dads parents were married during the second world war.  They had known each other since my grandmother was 2 and my grandfather was 5.  He was best friends with her older brother and she tagged along with them wherever they went.  Somewhere along the line they fell in love and remained in love their whole lives.  My grandfather passed away last year.

The story of their marriage is incredibly romantic.  He was stationed in Egypt and sent her a telegram saying that he was getting leave in a few weeks time.  They decided it would be the perfect time to be married.  My grandmother spent those few weeks organising everything.  A rabbi, food (they were on rations at the time and all the ladies in the building that my grandmother lived clubbed together their food vouchers so that she would have a wedding feast), a dress and so on…

When my grandfather’s ship arrived in Durban they wouldn’t let it dock (something about influenza or some such), eventually he was allowed on shore and made his way up to Johannesburg, just in time for his wedding.

They didn’t have a photographer so on their 1st wedding anniversary they had ‘wedding’ photos taken.

This is my favourite picture of them.

Sydney and Ruby
Sydney and Ruby