So today, after two and a half years at my current job, two and a half years with out a single spam email, I recieved my first one.

It pisses me off to no end.  I dont open odd links, I am deeply paranoid about viruses and I have an anti-virus on my machine, I am very selective about websites I visit, I never randomly give out my email address!

Spam sucks eggs!

If its not one thing…

Getting Aaron to sleep has become easier, much less crying and screaming.  Getting him to stay asleep, now thats a diferent story.

We were  woken up at least once or twice last night and that was before the 4:45am wake up call.  From then on it was play, play, play!

Eventually I took the little darling to the lounge to watch CBeebies.  Thank Gd for my iPod Touch.  I played backgammon while trying to keep my eyes open for almost two hours.

Conversation with the butcher…

Me: Hi, can I place an order to collect on Sunday?

Butcher: No, but you can come in on Sunday.

Me: So you can guarantee that I will get what I need if I just come in?

Butcher: No.

Me: So you cant guarantee me what I need and you wont take an order?

Butcher: Ok, give me your order.

Me: So you will have it for me on Sunday?

Butcher: I cant promise.

Me: So why are you taking my order?


Me: Never mind, I will go to another butcher!

Butcher: Ok.

Weirded Out

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt the hairs on your arms rise up?  Then they speak and the hairs on the back of your neck join in.  After five minutes you just think to yourself, “dude, please don’t stand so close/talk to me/come anywhere near me”!

We have a new guy at work.  He freaks me out completely!  He is chatty and all about being my best friend, he is also old, much older than me, in his late 60’s old.  He does everything slowly and methodically and slowly.  He was hired as our new driver.  He hasn’t driven yet.  He is doing admin stuff like filing, slowly. He keeps coming to tell me what he has done and lands up talking for ten minutes about crap I have no interest in.  He seriously Freaks. Me. Out!!!!

I am not a sociable person, at least not with weird older guys at work.  I have friends, I have colleagues who are friends, I don’t need anymore.


I feel so helpless listening to Aaron crying.

For some reason he will not go to sleep, he just screams and screams, we try CIO, we try holding and rocking him, we try bottles, we try changing him… NOTHING works.

He wants to go in the car, we did that last week when he was so sick, now its all he wants.

I just feel so fucking useless when he wont come to me or be comforted by me.  At least he lets Paul hold him.

I wish he would just stop crying, just for a moment so that he would calm down enough to take the bottle.  I know he is tired, overly so, and this is why he is screaming but please Gd just let the crying stop!

A beginning…

I have been wanting, no, needing to start this blog.

Now that I am here, I have no idea what to say…