Its a girl thing

**I have not been paid for this post nor have I even tried the products, this is just my opinion**

I was mucking about on the internet when I came across two sites/products that I wish had been around when I was younger*.

The first is {HelloFlo}, a service, that delivers on a monthly basis, a care package of tampons, pads and sweeties (cause who needs sweeties more than a premenstrual woman? No one, that’s who!) , tailor made to your needs.


The package is discreet and is sent to you 5 days before you will need it.

For someone like me who is very forgetful and pretty much always landed up going to the late night chemist at the last minute this would have been amazing!

One of the packages I like is for a mom (or dad) to get for their daughter before her first period, a {Period Starter Kit} that includes, tampons, pads, two booklets for mom and daughter, sweets and a Feby bracelet.

Unfortunately they don’t deliver outside of the USA πŸ™

The other product is the {Feby} bracelet I mentioned above.


I bracelet made up of coloured wooden beads that represent the days in your cycle. You dont have to wear the bracelet, just use it to keep track of your cycle by moving the knot in the string to the left of the relevant bead.

The beads are red (your period), white (regular days), pink (ovulation) and black (possible PMS days).

So with just a quick glance you can tell why you feel like stabbing your colleague with a letter opener.

I cant see on the site if they deliver overseas but I have asked them. They do deliver worldwide!

Ultimately both these products would have been a welcome addition to my younger years*.

* I say younger, since at the moment I dont get a period thanks to my {Mirena} πŸ˜‰

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  1. That is so cool. I especially love the first period kit.

    I looked at the Feby site to see how customisable it is. Before Mirena I had about 40 days between the end of one period and the start of another. On the Mirena I would have had only red beads and a few black ones inbetween. Last week I had surgery to have the Mirena removed so I have no idea what the future holds, hopefully a normal one that looks like the beads in this picture.

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