Slutwalk Johannesburg

At the beginning of this year a police officer in Toronto Canada told students at a law school that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.

His lack of insite and knowledge of what constitutes sexual assault resulted in Slutwalk Toronto being born.  Since then cities around the globe have put together their own Slutwalks and Johannesburg is no different.  Spearheaded by Sandi ‘Sass’ Schultz, Slutwalk Johannesburg is set to take place in early July.

I will be walking with Sass and many other women on the day to pledge my support.  You dont have to dress like a ‘slut’ to participate, you can wear your pajamas, your gym clothes, a ball gown, a suit, jeans and a T-shirt.  Why? Because it doesnt matter how you dress you can be the victim of sexual assault!  You dont even have to be a woman to participate, men, children, grannies, babies, gay or straight.  Why? Because not only women are victims of sexual assault!

Please take a moment to visit the Facebook page and the Twitter account and pledge your support.

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  1. That police officer is an idiot. More than 80% of women who wear full hijab in Egypt still get harassed! What a shocking statistic because the reason women wear it is so that men don’t cast an evil eye, or harass them, etc. Since I read that, I vowed to never set foot in Egypt.

    Good cause!

  2. Clearly I’ve been living under a rock for a while because I had no idea what this was. Excellent concept.

    I can’t believe we still live in an age where being raped is excused by the way one is dressed. My mind struggles to understand.

  3. “Because it doesnt matter how you dress you can be the victim of sexual assault!”
    Sadly, this is too true. I wore bootleg jeans & a baggy ole jersey when I was attacked on the street by a complete stranger…

  4. I am way keen to publicise this event on my blog – either I am missing something in the posts or it is not there, but there does not appear to be a date mentioned anywhere of when it is going to take place.

    Please can you revert back to me with details regarding when, where and how and I will gladly give it props on my blog.

    1. Bad bad Gina! I need to do an updated post. The event is on 24th September, 11am – 2pm start and end at Zoo Lake Bowling Club. 🙂

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