Proud mama!

I am so proud of Aaron.

He is pretty much toilet trained when it comes to wee-ing and will 99% of the time stand on his step and wee in the toilet (as apposed to the 1% of the time that he insists on watering my plants).  And we haven’t had an accident in so long I actually dont remember when it was!

Number 2’s are another story, he still wont do them in the toilet and asks for his nappy.  But… he will hold it in until we can get a nappy on him.

He undresses himself like a star.  Taking off shoes, socks, pants, undies and his shirt all by himself.  He gets so excited and makes sure we all know that he ‘did it!’

And to top it all off he is now pretty much dressing himself too!  Shoes, undies and pants!  He still needs help if there are socks involved and he hasnt quite got the hang of his shirt yet.

Im so proud of my big boy!

Day 27 → What’s the best thing going for you right now? AMENDED!

I have an amendment to this post I did earlier…

I am not the most observant person when it comes to important dates and stuff.  I always forget birthdays and anniversaries and if its not in my diary forget about it.  Today is no different *blush*…

My Hubband just posted this post and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Right now…

The BEST thing going for me is my husband and children.


You are my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my conscience, my heart, my motivation.

I am so glad our mothers meddled enough to get us to go on that first date.

I love you Hubband!

With all my heart, all my soul and every fibre of my being.


Your Wife.





Aaron has reached THAT age…

Aaron:  Why?  Why mommy?  Why is the robot (traffic light) green?

Me:  So we can go.

Aaron:  Why?

Me: So we dont sit here all day.

Aaron: Why?

Me: Cause I want to go home and weewee.

Aaron: Why?

Me: Cause I dont want to wee in my pants.

Aaron: I weed in the toilet!

Me: What a good boy.

Aaron: Why?

Me: Why what?

Aaron: Why is the robot green?

Me: *Bangs head on steering wheel*

My mom said I should just answer any why with: “Cause pigs dont fly in the middle of July!” and see what happens…

How many?

We have one TV.  It is in our lounge/playroom.  During the day, when Aaron is not playing outside or at school it is tuned to CBeebies or Aaron has a DVD going*.  Paul and I watch an hour, or maybe two at the most, in the evenings.

Im seriously considering getting another TV for our bedroom.  I always said that I would never have a TV in the bedroom, but with Aaron around, especially on the weekends, its difficult to get some adult TV time in during the day.  I fetch Aaron from school and spend an hour with him before going back to work.  Sometimes I just want to watch a bit of Home Channel or Discovery…

Im not sure that is motivation enough to buy another set…

So here is my question.  How many TV’s do you have and what, if anything, is your motivation for having that many?

*Yes, Aaron watches TV, probably more than is ‘acceptable’ but we try get him to watch educational TV as much as possible.

Panic stations!

I have less than 3 months left of this pregnancy!  The OB says to expect theSQL between Christmas and New Years, that is in 11 to 12 weeks.  I’m aiming for 36 weeks (the time that Aaron arrived) and that is in 9 weeks time!  Every day after that is a bonus day.

And that is where the panic comes in.  All we have done is moved the cot from Aarons room to the baby’s new room, which was our home office.

So, here is a list of everything that still needs to be done.  Im going to send it to Paul and hopefully we will have the motivation to get most of it done in the next little while.

  1. Built in cupboards, there are no cupboards in that room at the moment.
  2. Paint, both theSQL’s room and Aaron’s room.
  3. Buy Aaron a new chest of draws so that the compactum can be moved into theSQL’s room.
  4. Get curtains made for both room.
  5. Linen for theSQL.
  6. Move the Telkom and ADSL lines out of theSQL’s room.
  7. Check the AngelCare monitor we have and if it is no longer working buy a new one.
  8. And so many more little things I can count…

I feel a bit better now that it is in writing and Im sure I will keep adding to this list as we go but for now its here and we can start working at ticking things off the list!

1’s and 2’s

Aaron went the entire day (except for nap time) yesterday without a nappy! He also refused to put a nappy on after his bath.

Progress I think 🙂

He still wont make a poo without his nappy and will come and ask for us to put one on when he needs to go and he wont wee in the toilet either, he insists on ‘watering’ the garden.

I suppose those two things will come eventually.

Im so proud of him for being nappy free with no accidents!!