OMW! We are having a girl!

We went for our 18 week scan this morning and there it was or wasn’t as the case may be 😉

With Aaron I could tell right away he was a boy, he was very proud to show off his bits!

This time I could see that there were no bits to show at all and once Dr D showed us the line that indicates a girl it was pretty clear that #theSQL is a #girlSQL 🙂

The Dr was using a new demo scanner, much fancier than her old one, way more high res and just a lot more spiffy.

It wasn’t connected to the DVD recorder but the rep is coming tomorrow and she will download the video to a new disc for us and my mom will pick it up and bring it to us.

In the mean time here are a few photos of our little girl.

Top: tummy ... Bottom: my little alien
Top: baby alien ... Bottom: Its A Girl!!

I am so so so excited to be able to buy pink things and to start decorating the nursery…

7 months down the line… where am I?

Yesterday Beagle_Momma aka Tayna posted this about her New Years resolutions and how she was doing to date.  It has inspired me to do the same 🙂

I didnt really do a New Years post as such but in this post I made myself a few promises…

  • Be more adventurous – Im not sure I have done this, I think I need to do more, even if its just trying out new food every now and again.
  • Try new things – again, not so much… although I did try buy more colour for my wardrobe, I think it fizzled out after a month or two.
  • Push my boundaries – *sigh* Not. So. Much. *sigh*
  • I wanted a sister or brother for Aaron – This one is a resounding success! Tomorrow we find out if #theSQL is a boy or a girl 🙂
  • I wished to have more fun with Aaron and be more silly with him – I think this one has been a success… our favourite silly games are “the laughing game”, hide & seek, the hi-five pickle game* and light saber battles
  • No more procrastinating – I think im getting better at this but I have a long way to go.

All in all, I think I need to work a little harder to fulfill some of these ‘resolutions’ before the end of the year!

*the hi-five pickle game – My brother Matt taught Aaron this one: You ask Aaron for a hi-five, then a low-five, then you hold your index fingers together at the tips and ask him to cut the pickle by ‘slicing’ his hand through your finger tips, then you tickle… so, hi-five, low-five, cut the pickle, tickle tickle tickle… cracks him up every time…

Belly pics…

So a few belly pics to see the progress with #theSQL…

5 weeks (yes, we had just found out…)

10 weeks…

And here is a side by side comparison between #theSQL (left) at 16 weeks and Aaron (right) at 16 weeks…

Also not how at 5 weeks with #theSQL I look pretty much as big as I did at 16 weeks with Aaron…

I eat sushi*

*veg sushi and fried salmon skin sushi from Hokkaido in Norwood.

Today on Twitter I was having a conversation with acidicice and PinkPrincesse about the fact that I had sushi for lunch and I thought I would continue that conversation here.

It made me think of all the other pregnancy ‘rules’ that I have broken or bent.

Sushi – you are not supposed to eat raw fish as it can contain parasites and bacteria that can harm the growing baby.

With Aaron I stayed away from sushi entirely.  This time I am eating vegetarian sushi and sushi that has been cooked.  My view is that as long as the fish and other ingredients are fresh and the restaurant is clean and reputable, the chances are you wont have a problem.  Besides japanese women eat sushi right through pregnancy…

Hot baths – hot baths can cause your body temperature to rise to unsafe levels and cause brain and spinal abnormalities in the baby.

It winter, Im freezing and the thought of a luke warm bath makes me ill.  I run a hot bath and then let it cool while I relax.  I don’t run a boiling bath but its hot enough that I turn pink.  I also don’t add more hot water and I just let the bath cool gradually.

Hot dogs – they can be the source of a rare illness called listeriosis.

I cook them until they are boiling all the way through.  This should kill the bacteria that can cause illness.

Coffee/tea/fizzy drinks – In short caffeine.

Im not a big coffee drinker but I do drink tea and fizzy drinks like Coke.  I drink them in moderation but I do drink them.

Runny eggs – eggs that are not cooked properly can carry the salmonella bacteria.

To be honest I had never heard of salmonella until I met a group of Americans while on a kibbutz in Israel.  They refused to eat runny eggs, and when I asked if they ever ate runny eggs they said no, even at home the ate them hard.  Now I buy my eggs from Woolies, I make sure the expiry date is still good and we eat them within a week.  Im pretty confident that they are clean, healthy eggs.  So far I’ve eaten two runny eggs.  Then again, I’ve eaten two eggs in the last 4 months…

What rules have you broken?  Are there rules you absolutely will NOT break?

I’m blaming it on pregnancy brain!

As you may or may not know, I play a game on Facebook called FrontierVille.

Part of the game is to complete challenges that require you ‘working’ on neighbor/friends pages.

My current challenge is to tend various types of crops on friends pages.

Wendi and I Skype each other what we need from each others pages, this morning Wendi Skyped me and asked what crops she should plant for me.

I replied that I would look and she must give me a minute.

I had recently gone to my page and written down on a piece of paper what I needed for the challenge and how many of each type of plant.

When Wends Skyped me I took a look and wrote back to her what I needed.

It took me a minute to realise that I hadn’t Skyped her at all, I had instead written it down on my piece of paper…

Im blaming this momentary lapse in sanity on pregnancy brain!

Kicking my arse!

Firstly let me just say that I am loving being pregnant.  I do not take this miracle for granted, not even for one moment!

But oh boy!  Compared to my pregnancy with Aaron this time round is like being run over with a bus.  And then having the bus reverse back over me!

With Aaron I never had one moment of tiredness, I could have partied until all hours every night.  In fact when other women said how tired they were, how they couldn’t stop yawning and were in bed at 8pm I secretly thought they were mad, or making it up.  I guess this is my wake up call, I am EXHAUSTED, I yawn from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them.  I cannot wait to get home in the afternoon so I can have a nap and then I am still in bed as early as possible and fast asleep before I can even say good night to Paul.

And the morning sickness… OMG!

With Aaron I was fine during the day, I came home at 5pm and between 5:30 and 6pm I threw up, once maybe twice and that was that.  Nothing else until the next night.  This time I am nauseous all day, one day I will be fine, the next I can throw up 6 times, the next only once.  It hits me at random times, sometimes as I wake up, sometimes it waits for mid morning, sometimes its every hour, sometimes its only at night.

Its gotten to the point that I called my OB and she recommended Emex, which helps most of the time but not always.  Hopefully it allows me some peace at work, because between the vomming and the tiredness I am really struggling to function.

There is an upside to all the symptoms Im having though… my boobs are huge!

I’ve already had to go up a cup size and they just keep getting bigger (and better), I actually have a real cleavage now, without even trying. 🙂

And of course the other very visible difference in this pregnancy is that I am showing already, have been since about 5 weeks or so.  Here are a few pics:

Aaron at 4 months
theSQL at 5 weeks... FIVE WEEKS!
And here is theSQL at just under 9 weeks 🙂