I think she has turned!

So, in this post my OB mentioned that theSQL will turn into a head down feet up (or vice versa) position soon and that it would hurt like a mother…

I think the last two days has been her turning, my belly was hard and sore constantly and I couldnt even touch it without being in pain.  Now the top of my belly, which was soft before, has gone harder and I am getting kicks/punches right under my ribs which I never had before.

Im not as sore today as I was yesterday, although Im still a little uncomfortable but Im sure I will get used to it ūüôā


4D scan

Yesterday Paul, Aaron and I took a drive to Sunninghill hospital to have our 4D scan.

Netcare hospitals have what is called a Maternity Passport.  You pay R300 and for that you get a free 4D scan (worth R600), Netbaby gift pack when you have your baby (a baby bag with lots of sample products in it), the first in hospital vaccinations for free, free birth registration (what a pleasure, we had it done with Aaron) as well as the first Wellbaby Clinic visit at the Storks Nest.  For R300 I think its worth getting!

Back to the 4D scan…

The technician that did the scan couldnt believe how active theSQL is.  She didnt stop moving the entire scan, so much so that we couldnt get a decent shot of her legs or arms and she kept moving her legs in front of her girl bits.  What we did get were some great shots of her face along with her hands.  She kept touching her face and hiding behind her hands and sucking on her fingers.  Too cute.

We took Aaron with us and he was pretty interested, for the first 5 minutes, then he got a bit bored, but wanted to look again at the end. ¬†He kept saying we were going to see his baby… so sweet.

So without further ado, here are some of the clearer shots (with descriptions)

Peek a boo! Hiding behind my hands.
Oy vey... Look how long my fingers are...
Sucking my fingers.
Pinching my own chubby cheeks.
Holding my foot on my nose!

Panic stations!

I have less than 3 months left of this pregnancy! ¬†The OB says to expect theSQL between Christmas and New Years, that is in 11 to 12 weeks. ¬†I’m aiming for 36 weeks (the time that Aaron arrived) and that is in 9 weeks time! ¬†Every day after that is a bonus day.

And that is where the panic comes in. ¬†All we have done is moved the cot from Aarons room to the baby’s new room, which was our home office.

So, here is a list of everything that still needs to be done.  Im going to send it to Paul and hopefully we will have the motivation to get most of it done in the next little while.

  1. Built in cupboards, there are no cupboards in that room at the moment.
  2. Paint, both theSQL’s room and Aaron’s room.
  3. Buy Aaron a new chest of draws so that the compactum can be moved into theSQL’s room.
  4. Get curtains made for both room.
  5. Linen for theSQL.
  6. Move the Telkom and ADSL lines out of theSQL’s room.
  7. Check the AngelCare monitor we have and if it is no longer working buy a new one.
  8. And so many more little things I can count…

I feel a bit better now that it is in writing and Im sure I will keep adding to this list as we go but for now its here and we can start working at ticking things off the list!

Sexy, Sass!

The other day on Twitter I was bitching about the fact that I had changed 10 times and nothing fit and everything was uncomfortable. ¬†Sass sent me a message and suggested I try one of her Sass Designs dresses. ¬†So this morning my friend Ro and I took a trip to Sass’s studio and we both walked away very happy chickens.

In fact Ro didnt even take her dress off!  She walked out with it on, her jeans and top in a packet!

Here are some shots of my dress.  Just have to say with a bit of pride that I took all the photos myself using our point and shoot and the 10sec self timer! (excuse the grainy quality, couldnt get the flash to work with the self timer and I wasnt waiting for daylight or Paul to take the pics!)

26 weeks

Yesterday we went for our 26 week appointment and scan.

#theSQL was an active little thing as usual and didnt stop jumping and moving the whole time. ¬†Its so odd being able to feel the movement and see the same on the monitor ūüôā

My OB doesnt believe we will make it full term, mainly because the little dear is supposed to be 760g (average for 26w) and is actually measuring 1042g…

She is HUGE!

Dr D thinks we should be welcoming our princess sometime between Christmas and New Years, about 2 weeks before her due date.  I wouldnt be surprised if she came earlier than that but Dr D says there is only a 20 % chance she will come 4 weeks early like Aaron did.

The other ‘odd’ thing about theSQL is that she is lying across my belly with her head on the left, her feet on the right and her back across my bladder. ¬†Apparently there is tons of space up above her but she hasnt turned yet. ¬†She is all cramped and squished but she seems to like that. ¬†Dr D is convinced she will discover that she can lie head up feet down (or vice versa) and have more space in the next little while. ¬†She warned me that once she does turn Im going to be sore… Like super crampy, muscles and ligaments and uterus sore. ¬†At least for a few days. ¬†This is because she has stretched all those things horizontally but not vertically yet…

Not sure Im looking forward to that but I really would like her to be more comfy and stretched out, at least for the next few weeks until she grows so big it wont matter which way she lies ūüėČ

I am constantly watching her move. ¬†My belly looks like a wobbly jelly most of the time. ¬†Even Paul gets to see and even feel her moving a lot of the time, which didnt really happen with Aaron as much. ¬†Im hoping I can still feel how active she is after she turns…

Paul converted the video of the scan, its a bit long but you get some really great shots of her face and spine and legs and feet.  Im loving this new scan machine Dr D has, its sooooo clear, almost like a 3D scan (which we are going for on Sat 9th!)


For all intents and purposes this is my last pregnancy.

Paul and I made a deal, if this pregnancy was a boy we would give it one more try to have a girl and if the third pregnancy was also a boy then so be it.  But if this pregnancy was a girl then that would be it, our perfect pair.

So the conflict…

I am loving being pregnant, I really love feeling theSQL kick and roll around, but I am getting very impatient to meet her.  I want to hold her and feed her and just have her with us,  I want the next 15 weeks or so to fly by.

On the other hand, knowing that this is my last pregnancy I want to savoir every moment, every kick and roll and jab in the bladder.

I know its going to go so fast and that Im going to blink and she will be here but still…

Also I still have so much to do, we need to get¬†cupboards¬†built into her room and repaint the room and get curtains and decorations and get Telkom to move the telephone and ADSL lines out of her room and buy linen and and and…

Either way, Im going to enjoy the next 15 weeks!

24+ weeks

So last Friday was 24 weeks of being pregnant with #theSQL ūüôā

This pregnancy has really been incredibly different from Aarons.  The biggest difference at the moment is that I have relatively no heartburn because she is sitting so much lower than Aaron did.  With Aaron I was on medication to stop the production of acid because the heartburn was so bad.  This time I only have heartburn if I eat or drink and lie down straight away.

One thing I never complained about with Aaron was being kicked in the bladder but with theSQL that is all I complain about!  Sometimes I think that if I just stand on my head I will be more comfortable.  She constantly pokes and prods and kicks my bladder.

Its a good thing though, she is constantly moving and turning and poking legs and knees and elbows and even her head out the sides of my belly. ¬†Im hoping she uses up all the boundless energy before she is born ūüėČ

Here is the latest pic of the belly at 24 weeks 3 days ūüôā

I cant quite believe that I have just shy of 16 weeks left… insane!

A question about teats?

So, I have a whole bunch of Nuk #1 dummies (pacifiers) and bottle teats that I put away when Aaron grew out of them.

They have been sealed in a tupperware type container for what must be about 2 years.

My question is: Can I sterilise them and use them for theSQL or should I toss them and buy new ones?

I intend to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 weeks but then I would like to express and give Paul and Aletta and the grannies etc… a chance to feed her now and then.

I am going to buy new bottles (non branded ones) and use the Nuk teats like I did for Aaron.  Just not sure if I can still use the old teats and dummies?

22 Week scan…

Yesterday I went for our 22 week scan.  Paul couldnt make it but that meant my mom could come with me which made her day.  She works at the same hospital as my OB so she popped down stairs to jon me.

The OB has bought a new fancy machine. ¬†Its not 3/4D but for a 2D machine its pretty damn awesome. ¬†Because its got some pretty nifty new function the sales tech was with my OB the whole day to help her and Dr D asked if I would mind the lady joining us during my scan. ¬†I of course said no problem, I have no issues with random ladies looking at my semi-naked bottom half ūüėČ

Because Dr D is still learning the new machine we got a pretty in depth scan that lasted a bit longer than a regular scan, about 12 minutes instead of about 5 minutes. ¬†They couldnt get a clear front view of #theSQL’s heart because she kept moving around. ¬†Dr D even made a comment about how active she is and asked me if she ever stops moving. ¬†Ummm, no, not really, she has boundless energy it seems…

She is measuring about 4 days ahead and weighs 537g!

So without further¬†ado¬†here is the scan ūüôā

21 Weeks: Then and Now

So we are officially past the halfway mark. ¬†Im excited and nervous all at the same time. ¬†I cant wait to meet our little girl but Im nervous at how our family dynamic is going to change. ¬†Aaron seems quite excited at the arrival of his sister and has already told me that he is going to share all his soft toys with her because “sharing is caring, mommy!”

I asked Paul to take some shots of the belly so I could show you a comparison between #theSQL at half way and Aaron at halfway and Aaron insisted on having his belly shot too…

Here is my belly at about half way with Aaron.

And here is my 21 week belly with #theSQL.